Auricular muscles

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Auricular muscles
The muscles of the pinna
Auricular muscles in context with the other facial muscles
Latin Musculi auriculares
Gray's p.1035
Origin Galeal aponeurosis
Insertion Front of the helix, cranial surface of the pinna
Artery Posterior auricular artery
Nerve Facial nerve
Actions Undeveloped in humans (wiggle ears)
Anatomical terms of muscle

The auricular muscles (or extrinsic muscles) are the three muscles surrounding the auricula or outer ear:

The superior muscles is the largest of the three, followed by the posterior and the anterior.


In some mammals these muscles can adjust the direction of the pinna. In humans these muscles possess very little action. The auricularis anterior draws the auricula forward and upward; the Auricularis superior slightly raises it; and the Auricularis posterior draws it backward.

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This article incorporates text from a public domain edition of Gray's Anatomy.

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