Auschwitz Report

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Auschwitz Report can refer to:

  • the Auschwitz Protocols, also known as the Auschwitz Reports or Auschwitz Report, a collection of three eyewitness reports about Auschwitz (written 1943–1944) that were submitted in evidence at the Nuremberg Trials (1945–1946)
    • the Vrba-Wetzler report (written April 1944), one of the component reports of the Auschwitz Protocols, sometimes referred to alone as the Auschwitz Protocols or the Auschwitz Report
  • Auschwitz Report (book), a 2006 book about Auschwitz, unrelated to the Auschwitz Protocols, first published in 1946 as a 48-page medical report by Leonardo de Benedetti and Primo Levi about Buna-Monowitz, one of the Auschwitz satellite camps