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Ausländerkinder-Pflegestätte (State Care for Foreign Children), also Säuglingsheim, Entbindungsheim, were Third Reich institutions where babies and children, abducted from Eastern European forced laborers from 1943 to 1945, were kept.[1]

Nazi policy[edit]

As pregnancy in a forced laborer reduced productivitiy, many female workers were forced to abort their pregnancies—despite its being illegal in Germany—but only after determining whether the probable father was German or Germanic.[2] Any children born were to be sent to the Auslanderkind-Pflegestatte, unless the foreigner worker was considered to be Germanic (such as Norwegians), in which case the child was removed for Germanisation.[2]

The mortality of the babies was very high, sometimes over 50%. It is estimated that 100,000 - 200,000 babies died in these institutions.[3] A German general, Hilgenfeldt, inspecting these locations was horrified; couching his objections carefully, he said that the children died in a few months from inadequate rations, and if they were wanted dead, they should not take up the rations that were given, and if they were wanted alive for labor, they should receive rations adequate for their nourishment.[4]

Locations of Selected Ausländerkinder-Pflegestätte and cemeteries[edit]

  • Braunschweig, Entbindungsheim fuer Ostarbeiterinnen, over 360 babies buried
  • Velpke, two death sentences by British court[5]
  • Dresden, Dr.-Todt-Straße 120 (Radeburger Straße 12a), Auslandskinderpflegestätte[6]

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