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Ausland is a venue in Berlin for music and performance and related public and non-public events. Ausland is a workspace for local, national and international artists and projects. Ausland holds on the average three shows a week.


Ausland is run by a group of up to twelve people. Each "Ausländer" (member of Ausland; German for "foreigner") has a high degree of autonomy in deciding how to use the space, which includes hosting any event he or she wishes. Most constraints come from the limited amount of money, the limited space and the limited number of people available to realize individual projects. The Ausländers think that the organizational structure of Ausland is a pragmatic solution to the utopian idea of an artist-run venue. Ausländers do not get paid. As a rule of thumb, the money made from selling beverages finances the infrastructure of Ausland. The door money goes to the performing artists.

The regular program of Ausland is structured through series. Among others there is the “Fernwärme – The Making of Performing Arts” series which includes guest performances, co-productions and educational projects in the field of the performing arts. “Biegungen” is a series for improvised and experimental music.

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