Ausonia Mensa

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Ausonia Mensa
Ausonia Mensa.JPG
Ausonia Mensa, as seen by MGS. This eroded mensa has many channels.
Coordinates 30°18′S 262°18′W / 30.3°S 262.3°W / -30.3; -262.3Coordinates: 30°18′S 262°18′W / 30.3°S 262.3°W / -30.3; -262.3

Ausonia Mensa is a mensa in the Hellas quadrangle of Mars, located at 30.3° S and 262.3° W. It is 103 km across and was named after an albedo feature name.[1] Ausonia Mensa has many small channels. Some features look like alluvial fans.


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