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For the seafood company see Austevoll Seafood

Austevoll kommune
Bekkjarvik havn.JPG
Coat of arms of Austevoll kommune
Coat of arms
Official logo of Austevoll kommune
Hordaland within
Austevoll within Hordaland
Austevoll within Hordaland
Coordinates: 60°2′16″N 5°16′6″E / 60.03778°N 5.26833°E / 60.03778; 5.26833Coordinates: 60°2′16″N 5°16′6″E / 60.03778°N 5.26833°E / 60.03778; 5.26833
Country Norway
County Hordaland
District Midhordland
Administrative centre Storebø
 • Mayor (2007) Helge André Njåstad (Frp)
 • Total 117 km2 (45 sq mi)
 • Land 114 km2 (44 sq mi)
Area rank 376 in Norway
Population (2009)
 • Total 4,417
 • Rank 215 in Norway
 • Density 39/km2 (100/sq mi)
 • Change (10 years) 6.6 %
Demonym Austevolling[1]
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
ISO 3166 code NO-1244
Official language form Nynorsk
Data from Statistics Norway

Austevoll is a municipality and an archipelago in the district of Midthordland in the county of Hordaland in Western Norway, Norway. Austevoll was separated from Sund on 1 January 1886.

The municipality consists of several islands, located south-west of Bergen. The municipality is considered to be among the ports in the world with the largest ocean-going fish trawler fleet. Since the 1980s the offshore oil industry and fish farming have grown to be important industries in Austevoll.

General information[edit]

Flag of Austevoll.


The municipality is named after the Austevoll farm (Old Norse Austrvǫllr), since this was the old church site. The first element is austr which means "east" and the last element is vǫllr m which means "meadow".

The municipality has changed the spelling of its name three times. Before 1889 the name was written "Østevold" or "Østervold". From 1889-1917, it was spelled "Austevold", and since 1918 it has been spelled "Austevoll".


The coat-of-arms were granted on 30 November 1984. The arms show a shoal of herring, since herring fishing is of great local importance for the municipality.[2]


See also: Flora, Norway

Austevoll consists of 667 islands off the west coast of West Norway. The municipality has a total land area of 114,0 km² and a costal line of 337 km.[3] The tallest point in Austevoll is the mountain Loddo, 244 meters above sea level.

Largest islands[edit]

  • Møkster
  • Selbjørn
  • Hundvåkøy
  • Stolmen
  • Storekalsøy
  • Huftarøy


The municipality borders on Sund, Bergen, and Os municipalities to the north and northeast, Tysnes municipality to the east, and Fitjar and Bømlo municipalities to the south. The North Sea lies to the west of Austevoll.


Historical population
Year Pop. ±%
1855 2,057 —    
1865 2,260 +9.9%
1875 2,396 +6.0%
1890 2,332 −2.7%
1900 2,434 +4.4%
1910 2,459 +1.0%
1920 2,760 +12.2%
1930 2,928 +6.1%
1946 3,272 +11.7%
1951 3,231 −1.3%
1961 3,366 +4.2%
1971 3,854 +14.5%
1981 3,912 +1.5%
1991 4,148 +6.0%
2001 4,446 +7.2%
2011 4,680 +5.3%
2021? 5,443 +16.3%
2031? 6,106 +12.2%
Source: Statistics Norway.[4][5]

Of the 667 islands, only eight are populated year-round. 29 percent of the inhabitants live in densely populated areas. 28 percent of the inhabitants are under the age of 17, which is 4.4 percent over the national average. 4.7 percent of the inhabitants are 80 years or older.[3]


Rank Village Village Population (2005)[6] District Population (2001)[7]
1 Storebø 1,032 1,341
2 Bekkjarvik 355 489
3 Kolbeinsvik 481
4 Vinnes 378
5 Haukanes 235

Inhabited islands[edit]

Rank Island Area (km²) Population [7] Density (/km²) Largest settlement Highest point Elevation (m)
1 Huftarøy 50,4 2,435 48.3 Storebø Loddo 244
2 Selbjørn 25 956 38.24 Bekkjarvik Kongsafjellet 185
3 Hundvåkøy 10,7 554 51.7 Austevollshella 61
4 Stolmen 7,9 206 26.0 Våge Såta 60
5 Storekalsøy 6 167 27.0 Bakkasund Mjuken 57
6 Møkster 65
7 Litlekalsøy 26



Fishing is the most important industry in Austevoll, and has been for centuries. Traditionally fishing has taken place in coastal near areas. After decades of overfishing, the herring, which was the most important fish, disappeared in the 1950s. This forced a restructuring of the fishing fleet. From the 1960s the shipping companies built bigger ships, and went further out seas, fishing other fish species. The overfishing of herring also forced better research on fishing, resulting in the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research. Austevoll is the home of the Austevoll Aquaculture Research Station.

Since the early 1980s the offshore supply industry has emerged in the wake of the offshore Norwegian oil industry. The offshore shipping company DOF, which is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange, has its headquarters at Storebø.


There are five primary schools and one middle school in Austevoll, all municipal. There is also one secondary school, teaching mainly fishing and nautical subjects. This is operated by the county authority.


Austevoll has car ferry communications from Hufthammar on the north tip of Huftarøy to Krokeide, Bergen, and Husavik, south on Huftarøy, to Sandvikvåg in Fitjar. The municipality is also connected by express boats to Bergen in north, and Stord, Haugesund and Stavanger in the south. All ferry and boat routes are operated by Fosen Namsos.

The islands of Huftarøy and Selbjørn, Selbjørn and Stolmen, and Hundvåkøy and Storekalsøy are connected with bridges. A fourth bridge, connecting Huftarøy and Hundvåkøy, was opened on 17 November 2007. This bridge, which in fact consists of two bridges and two stone fillings, bears the name "Austevollsbrua".

The lighthouse on Marstein is also in the municipality.


Austevoll is governed by the municipal council, consisting of 21 seats, elected every fourth year. Since the 2011 election a coalition of the Progress Party and Center Party has held power in the council, the latter two terms the coalition also consisted of the Christian Democratic Party who broke out after the 2011 local election. In 2011 the coalition won 12 of the 21 seats in the municipal council and has an electoral and political cooperation. The Conservative Party, Labour Party and Christian Democratic Party make up the opposition.

The council has the following composition:[8]

  • Progress Party (10 seats)
  • Conservative Party (6 seats)
  • Labour Party (2 seats)
  • Center Party (2 seats)
  • Christian Democratic Party (1 seats)

In the 2003-2007 election period The Liberal Party was represented in the municipal council and held one seat. In the 1999-2003 election period an all-party female electoral list held one seat in the council. From 1995 to 1999 the Socialist Left Party held one seat.

Executive committee of local council[edit]

The executive committee of local council has 9 seats, divided between all parties in the municipal council. Divided like this:

  • The Progress Party (4 seats)
  • The Conservative Party (2 seats)
  • Labour Party (1 seat)
  • Center Party (1 seat)
  • Christian Democratic Party (1 seat)


The following is a list of mayors of Austevoll:[9][10]

 #  Name Office Political Party Occupation
Ole Olsen Strømme 1886–1901 Church bell ringer
Peder Olai Kleppe 1902–1919 Fisherman
Olai Naustheller 1920–1925 Farmer
Mikkel Nilsen Birkeland 1926–1935 Farmer
Magnus Larssen 1935–1937 School teacher
Salomon O. Fagerbakke 1938–1945 Fisherman
Salomon V. Kalvenes 1946–1959 Fisherman
Rikard S. Storebø 1960–1969 Liberal Party Social security manager
Peder Kalve 1970–1975 Conservative Party Maritime pilot
Magnus Stangeland 1976–1981 Centre Party School principal
Knut K. Kalvenes 1982–1985 Conservative Party[11] Retailer
Hallvard Møgster 1986–1989 Christian Democratic Party Captain
Inge Bjarne Storebø 1990–2001 Conservative Party Bank manager
Olav P. Årland 2001–2003 Christian Democratic Party Shipmaster
Helge André Njåstad 2003- Progress Party Student

Notable people[edit]


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