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1912 Austin 10-12 hp
For information on the 1932 Austin of a similar name see Austin 10.

The Austin 10 hp was produced between 1911 and 1915[1] by the British car manufacturer Austin Motor Company at their Longbridge plant near Birmingham, with 367 models made.[2] It was a return to a small car after the short-lived Austin 7 hp produced by Swift Motor Company.

Originally launched with a small 4-cylinder 1145 cc engine, it was replaced in 1913 with a larger 1615 cc engine. This larger engined model is sometimes referred to as the Austin 10/12.

The four-seater phaeton was called the Sirdar. In 1913, the 10 hp was the cheapest model in the Austin range, costing £260 for a chassis with tyres.[3] The 10 hp was replaced by the 12 hp (or 12/14) but production was limited due to the war.


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