Australia's Got Talent (series 4)

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Australia's Got Talent
Season 4
Broadcast from 13 April 2010 – 15 June 2010
Judges Dannii Minogue
Brian McFadden
Kyle Sandilands
Host(s) Grant Denyer
Broadcaster Seven Network
Justice Crew
Cameron Henderson

Australia's Got Talent is an Australian reality television show, based on the original UK series, to find new talent. The fourth season premiered on the Seven Network on 13 April 2010 and ended on 15 June 2010.[1] Radio DJ Kyle Sandilands and Irish singer Brian McFadden joined the judging panel as replacements for Red Symonds and Tom Burlinson. Auditions took place throughout February 2010 and were held in the five major cities across Australia. The live shows began on 11 May 2010 and ended on 15 June 2010, where dance troupe Justice Crew were crowned the winners of the fourth season of Australia's Got Talent.[2] They were awarded a prize of $250,000.[2] Runner-up Cameron Henderson was awarded a runner-up prize of performing at the 2010 AFL Grand Final.[2]


In January 2010, it was made known that the judging panel would undergo a new line-up to accommodate Minogue's pregnancy.[3] Judge Red Symonds was strongly tipped to return to the Nine Network to be part of the revived Hey Hey It's Saturday, while Tom Burlinson was rumoured to be dumped from the judging panel.[3] Rumours then began to circulate that Kyle Sandilands and Brian McFadden would be the new judges.[3] On 4 February 2010, Sandilands confirmed on his 2Day FM breakfast radio show that he would be a judge.[4] A press release from the Seven Network on 17 February, confirmed McFadden would also join the new judging panel.[5]


Audition city Dates Venue[6]
Sydney 6–7 February 2010 The Tea House – Royal Randwick Racecourse
Brisbane 9 February 2010 University of Queensland Union
Adelaide 11 February 2010 Ridley Centre – Adelaide Showgrounds
Melbourne 13–14 February 2010 Forum Theatre
Perth 16 February 2010 Regal Theatre


Key      Winner      Runner up      Finalist      Semi-finalist (lost judges' vote)
Name / name of act Genre Act From Semi Position reached
Adam & Selina Murby Illusionists 2 Finalist
Adil and Maimuna Music Adil: Guitarist & Maimuna: Singer 2 Semi-finalist
Aimee Elizabeth Singing Singer 3 Finalist
Alana Conway Singing Harp player/singer 4 Semi-finalist
Antonio Zonta Singing Italian opera singer 1 Semi-finalist
Bobby Andonov Singing 15 year-old singer 1 Finalist
Brianna Bishop Singing Music theatre singer 3 Finalist
Cameron Henderson Singing Singer/Guitarist (Father of Taylor Henderson) 4 Runner-up
Cleofatra Dancing Belly dancers 2 Semi-finalist
Elvi Pes Music Musician 2 Semi-finalist
Ferah Çiçekdağ Dancing Belly dancer 1 Semi-finalist
Grant Richardson Music Guitarist/Musician 2 Semi-finalist
Jak in the Box Music Beatboxing duo 1 Semi-finalist
Justice Crew Dancing Dance troupe 2 Winners
Kim Pickering Jones Singing Singer 3 Semi-finalist
K-Star Evolutionz Dancing Dance troupe 1 Semi-finalist
Matt Marr Comedy Comedian 3 Semi-finalist
Mini-Bike Stunt Team Performing Bike act 4 Semi-finalist
Parental Guidance Recommended Performing Brother/sister child entertainers 3 Semi-finalist
Pure Pole Angels Gymnastics Pole dancers 4 Semi-finalist
Rolling Entertainment Performing Dance troupe on rollerskates 1 Finalist
River City Rumblers Music Rockabilly music trio 4 Semi-finalist
ShortyD Performing Teenage rapper/dancer 4 Semi-finalist
Shuan Hern Lee Music 7 year-old pianist 1 Semi-finalist
Sith vs The Jedi Comedy Comedy ninja act 3 Semi-finalist
The Blackbirds Music Musical trio 3 Semi-finalist
The Badpiper Performing Rock bagpipes performer 4 Semi-finalist
The Belles Music 40's style singers 1 Semi-finalist
The Swingchesters Dancing Old dancing couple 3 Semi-finalist
The Twine Performing Family entertainers 2 Semi-finalist
The Watermleon Man Performing Smashes watermelons on head 1 Semi-finalist
Taylor Henderson Singing Singer/Guitarist
(Son of Cameron Henderson)
4 Finalist
Zenith Dancing Dance troupe 2 Semi-finalist

Semi-final summary[edit]

The "Order" columns lists the order of appearance each act made for every episode.

Key X Buzzed out Judges' choice   Won the public vote   Won the judges' vote

Semi-Final 1[edit]

Order Contestant Act Buzzes and judges' choices Finished
Sandilands Minogue McFadden
1 K-Star Evolutionz Dance troupe 3rd (Lost judges vote)
2 The Watermleon Man Smashes watermelons on head Red X.svg Unknown
3 The Belles 40's Style Singers Red X.svg Unknown
4 Antonio Zonta Italian opera singer Unknown
5 Shuan Hern Lee 7 year-old pianist Unknown
6 Jak in the Box Beatboxing music duo Unknown
7 Ferah Çiçekdağ Belly dancer Unknown
8 Bobby Andonov 15 year-old singer 1st (Won public vote)
9 Rolling Entertainment Dance troupe on rollerskates 2nd (Won judges vote)

Semi-Final 2[edit]

Order Contestant Act Buzzes and judges' choices Finished
Sandilands Minogue McFadden
1 Adam & Selina Murby Illusionist 2nd (Won judges vote)
2 Zenith Dance troupe Unknown
3 The Twine Family entertainers Unknown
4 Cleofatra 2 Belly dancers and "boobies" dancers Red X.svg Red X.svg Unknown
5 Grant Richardson Guitarist/Musician Unknown
6 Elvi Pes Musician Red X.svg Red X.svg Red X.svg Unknown
7 Adil and Maimuna Adil: Guitarist & Maimuna: Singer 3rd (Lost judges vote)
8 Justice Crew Dance troupe 1st (Won public vote)

Semi-Final 3[edit]

Order Contestant Act Buzzes and judges' choices Finished
Sandilands Minogue McFadden
1 Brianna Bishop Music theatre singer 2nd (Won judges vote)
2 The Swingchesters Old dancing couple Red X.svg Unknown
3 Parental Guidance Recommended Brother/sister child entertainers Unknown
4 Kim Pickering Jones Singer Unknown
5 Sith vs The Jedi Comedy ninja act Red X.svg[nb 1] Unknown
6 The Blackbirds Musical trio Unknown
7 Matt Marr Comedian X[nb 2] X[nb 3] 3rd (Lost judges vote)
8 Aimee Elizabeth Singer 1st (Won public vote)
  1. ^ Brian, who disliked Andrew's act (Sith vs The Jedi) in the auditions, buzzed the act before it even started.
  2. ^ Matt Marr, being a comedian, pressed Brian and Dannii's buzzers as part of his act, as he walked past them.
  3. ^ Same as above.

Semi-Final 4[edit]

Order Contestant Act Buzzes and judges' choices Finished
Sandilands[nc 1] Minogue McFadden
1 The Badpiper Rock bagpipes performer Unknown
2 Cameron Henderson Singer/Guitarist (Father of Taylor Henderson) 2nd (Won judges vote)
3 ShortyD Teenage rapper/dancer Unknown
4 Alana Conway Harp player/singer 3rd (Lost judges vote)
5 Mini-Bike Stunt Team Bike act Unknown
6 River City Rumblers Rockabilly music trio Unknown
7 Taylor Henderson Singer/Guitarist (Son of Cameron Henderson) 1st (Won public vote)
8 Pure Pole Angels Dance/gymnastics pole dancers Unknown
  1. ^ It is unsure who Kyle would have voted into the Grand Final.


Key   Winner   Runner-up
Order Finalists Act
Final Placings
1 Rolling Entertainment Dance troupe on roller-skates Eliminated
2 Aimee Elizabeth Singer Eliminated
3 Brianna Bishop Music Theatre performer Eliminated
4 Adam & Selina Murby Illusionists Eliminated
5 Bobby Andonov Singer Eliminated
6 Taylor Henderson Singer/Guitarist Eliminated
7 Cameron Henderson Singer/Guitarist Runner Up
8 Justice Crew Dance troupe Winners


# Title Airdate Timeslot Ratings[nb 1]
1 "Audition 1" 13 April 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,493,000 (2nd)[7]
2 "Audition 2" 20 April 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,452,000 (3rd)[8]
3 "Audition 3" 27 April 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,474,000 (4th)[9]
4 "Audition 4" 4 May 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,461,000 (5th)[10]
5 "Live Show 1" 11 May 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,509,000 (2nd)[11]
6 "Live Show 2" 18 May 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,422,000 (6th)[12]
7 "Live Show 3" 25 May 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,449,000 (6th)[13]
8 "Live Show 4" 1 June 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:00 pm 1,587,000 (3rd)[14]
9 "Live Grand Final Show" 8 June 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:30 pm 1,831,000 (1st)[15]
10 "Live Grand Final Results Show" 15 June 2010 Tuesday 7:30 pm–9:30 pm 1,939,000 (1st)[16]


  1. ^ Overall national viewers, numbers in brackets indicate nightly ratings position.


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