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Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 2
Australia's Next Top Model Cycle 2.jpg
Cycle 2 cast
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 8
Original channel FOX8
Original run 4 January 2006 (2006-01-04) – 22 February 2006 (2006-02-22)
Season chronology
← Previous
Cycle 1
Next →
Cycle 3
Series summary

Cycle two of Australia's Next Top Model premiered on 4 January 2006 with 13 contestants competing for the title. The cycle's tagline was "Game On!"

The competition was held in Sydney. The contestants shared an inner city apartment for several weeks while they were competing for the title of Australia's Next Top Model.

The prizes for this Cycle included a two-year contract with Chic Model Management, an all expenses paid trip to New York City to meet with Next Model Management, an eight-page editorial in Cleo, a national campaign for Napoleon cosmetics for one year, A$1,500 worth of Lovable lingerie and sleepwear and a Samsung E530 mobile phone.

Eboni Stocks won the competition and became Australia's Next Top Model.

Episode guide[edit]

Models 24/7[edit]

Original Airdate: 4 January 2006

The 12 wannabe models meet at 6:00 am in Sydney. They're taken to Holsworthy Army Barracks where they're told that they're going to complete an Australian army obstacle course. The judges secretly monitor the girls as they go through the gruel ling course and finish with a short photo shoot. Host, Erika Heynatz tells the girls that she and the judges have been secretly monitoring them and one girl will be eliminated on the spot.

Caroline and Darwin girl, Sasha are both criticized for their poor efforts. Sasha is eliminated and the eleven remaining girls say their farewells and make their way to the model house.

  • Bottom two: Caroline Mouflard & Sasha Greenoff
  • Eliminated outside of the judging panel: Sasha Greenoff

Hours later a new contestant named Madeleine arrives at the model house to take Sasha's place. On the beds inside the model house the contestants find goodie-bags containing clothes, accessories and make-up and hair products. Caroline shows her picture to the girls and tells them that she is related to Olivia Newton-John.

The next day the girls meet their personal trainer, Adam. They are told to change into bikinis for weighing and measurements. Later, they are taken to a dance studio where they're taught how to walk on a runway. They are put to the test when they have to put on a runway show for shoe designers. Although Eboni walked down the runway with one shoe not on properly, she wins and chooses Sarah to share in her prize. The prize is to have private runway lessons with judge, Victoria Fisher. That night, the girls attend a celebrity red carpet event for the opening of the IMAX theater.

The next day, Erika introduces the girls to Michael, the personal stylist. They are taken on their first photo shoot where they have to pose nude in couture jewellery. Hiranthi is reluctant to pose nude for religious and cultural reasons. Madeleine flashes her naked body back stage and Caroline poses with her breasts exposed. That night, Madeleine annoys some of the other girls when she makes out with Sophie and tries to hook up with Lara in the hot tub. That same night Lara shaves off one of Hiranthi's eyebrows.

At judging panel the next day, Erika and the judges ask the girls to walk the catwalk with music playing in the background. Lara is told off for shaving Hiranthi's eyebrow and Caroline is praised for posing completely nude. Eboni excelled with the best photo of the week. Natalie and Rebecca land in the bottom two. The judges say that Natalie had a strong natural look, but lacks editorial versatility while Rebecca lacks confidence even though the judges notice personality. Both girls are sent home for those reasons.

  • First call-out: Eboni Stocks
  • Bottom two: Natalie Guiffre & Rebecca Pian
  • Eliminated: Natalie Guiffre & Rebecca Pian
  • Featured photographer: Dean Tirkot
  • Special guests: Adam Hill, Craig Wing, Michael Boyd, Andrea & Joen, Jayne Wild

The Girl That Starts A Romance[edit]

Original Airdate: 11 January 2006

This week the girls are taken to a salon where stylists give the girls a hairstyle makeover. Caroline cries when her hair is cut shorter, Sarah complains about her hair been forced to go straight instead of curly and Louise is annoyed that her hair is dyed fire engine red. Jessica wins the make-over challenge and gets a free hair straightener for a breast cancer awareness campaign. Later, they arrive at Napoleon Perdis cosmetics company for a make-up lesson.

The girls are then taken to a small room at the Hilton hotel. Alex tells the girls to partner up and do each other's hair and make-up. They must then choose an outfit from a rack. They attend a party with Beau Brady and Cleo editor Nedahl Stelio. Hiranthi tells a few people about her shaved eyebrow and Lara is annoyed. A photographer at the party insults the girls repeatedly. It is all a challenge to see who can deal with the paparazzi. Jessica wins the challenge again and chooses Madeleine to share in her prize which is a one night stay at a hotel suite in Melbourne.

In the photo shoot, the girls are dressed in lingerie and have to pose with circus staff. Caroline shoots first so that she can continue with her HSC studies while the other girls have their shoots. Madeleine makes-out with the stylist and goes off for a walk with him during the shoot. Jessica and Madeleine leave for Melbourne as part of their challenge prize. They are taken to a party where they mingle with celebrities. Jessica eventually heads back to the hotel room, but Madeleine goes out clubbing with some men. Madeleine doesn't return to the hotel room until the next morning. Back in Sydney, the other girls have to clean the house.

The rest of the girls (except Jessica and Madeleine) have a training session with Adam. Later, they are having a manicure when Jessica and Madeleine return. Later that night, they go to a Chinese restaurant for dinner with Cycle 1 winner Gemma Sanderson. At judging, Madeleine is called first and is praised for her photo. Sarah and Sophie are in the bottom two. Sophie is criticised for not doing well in the photo shoot, despite having one of the easiest settings. Sarah photographs old in her photo. Sophie is sent home.

  • First call-out: Madeleine Rose
  • Bottom two: Sarah Lawrence & Sophie Miller
  • Eliminated: Sophie Miller
  • Featured photographer: Marc Debnam
  • Special guests: Jayne Wild, Emanuel Perdis, Beau Brady, Nedahl Stelio, Leonie Looser, Mark McVeigh, Andrew Welsh, Adam Hill, Sharon-Lee Hamilton, Gemma Sanderson

Letting Out Emotions[edit]

Original Airdate: 18 January 2006

This week the girls are taken to an acting class at National Institute of Dramatic Art where they're told how to act out scenes and imitate animals. Later they arrive at Sydney Harbour where they go sailing with some attractive males. Louise gets seasick. The next day, they have a training session with Adam.

Later that night, they arrive at a theatre where they each have to play a series of games which includes playing around with the girls arms and bodies. Lara is voted as the best comedian and chooses Sarah and Eboni to share in her prize which is to star in a commercial for toothpaste.

They receive a manicure and Erika talks to them before they film the commercial. The director makes the other girls do various jobs for the crew.

The next day, the girls have a photo shoot with George. The girls choose an emotion from a hat and have to portray it in a picture:

Contestant Emotion
Caroline Sad
Eboni Angry
Hiranthi Dreamy
Jessica Laughing
Lara Shocked
Louise Fearful
Madeleine Screaming anger
Sarah Joyful
Simone Seductive

At judging panel, the girls must complete an acting challenge. The judges love Louise's photo and she is called first. Hiranthi, Lara, Caroline, Simone and Eboni are given a good critique but Jessica and Sarah land in the bottom two – Sarah for a bad photo and Jessica for not portraying her emotion well enough. Sarah is eliminated but says that Hiranthi deserved to go home instead.

  • First call-out: Louise van Brussel
  • Bottom two: Jessica French & Sarah Lawrence
  • Eliminated: Sarah Lawrence
  • Featured photographer: Georges Antoni
  • Special guests: Mark Gaal, Cameron Knight, Rebecca De Unamuno, Justin Hemmes, Christina Fitzgerald, Adam Hill, Connor Beaver

Getting-back To Basics[edit]

Original Airdate: 25 January 2006

This week the girls are taken to the bush were they're told that they have to go back to basics to be a true model. Upon arrival at the bush, they met Tim Jarvis and are told they will learn some essential survival skills while trekking to their camp site. Before they begin the adventure/task they are stripped of all luxuries and left with only the barest of essentials. Simone takes charge and leads the girls to their campsite. The girls spend the night in tents. During the night, Simone puts horse feces in Lara's sleeping bag.

The next day, Eboni breaks down in tears and is sent to hospital when her back hurts. The other girls complete a challenge to abseil down a cliff. Hiranthi realises her fear of heights. Simone wins the challenge because of her good leadership and she chooses Louise and Caroline to take into a luxury camping van for the next night. That night, a stylist snuggles up to Madeleine in bed and is accused of having sex with her. Caroline claims that the same stylist called her cute and tried to have sex with her. Caroline then threatens to sue the stylist for sexual harassment and tells producers if he is not fired she will press charges.

The following morning, Michael arrives at the camp site where the girls are to pose as country women for the photo shoot. Eboni returns to the camp site and she able to participate in the photo shoot. The girls return to Sydney.

At judging panel, Erika gives the girls a challenge to pose with a snake. Madeleine is called first. The judges call Simone's photo 'hot'. Caroline and Hiranthi land in the bottom two. In the end, Hiranthi is sent home due to not showing any emotion in the photo shoot.

  • First call-out: Madeleine Rose
  • Bottom two: Caroline Mouflard & Hiranthi Warusevitane
  • Eliminated: Hiranthi Warusevitane
  • Featured photographer: Nick Leary
  • Special guests: Tim Jarvis, Carl Reeves, Rai Thistlethwayte

The Girl That Had Back Pains[edit]

Original Airdate: 1 February 2006

The episode starts with Caroline stressing over her school work. She decides to leave the competition so that she can focus on her studies. Later, Adam, the girls' trainer, takes the girls to Bondi Icebergs Club Pool where they meet Olympic Gold Medalist Elka Graham. Elka teaches the girls about control and movement. During the swimming session, Eboni loses all feeling in one of her arms and is quickly sent to the hospital.

  • Quit: Caroline Mouflard

The rest of the girls arrive at Latin Motion Dance Academy where they learn how to walk the runway. Michael Boyd focuses on making the girls move more comfortably and confidently. They learn a choreographed dance which becomes their challenge for the week. Erika later visits the girls for a girls' night, dining together and discussing body image. Later, they watch Alyssa Sutherland's video message for their chance in modelling. Eboni returns from the hospital and tells the girls about her condition.

They have an early wake up call to Myer department store where they tell to wear Tigerlilly swimwear and pose as mannequins in the window of a store. Madeleine wins the challenge and chooses Louise for an interview with Tigerlilly founder and future host Jodhi Meares. Eboni finds out that one the arteries in her neck that could potentially cause her to have a stroke. She tells the girls that she'll have to stay in the hospital and drop out of the competition, upsetting all of them.

Afterwards, the girls go to the beach where they learn they'll be surfing, again pertaining to the weekly lesson of control and movement. The three other girls are having to cook a gourmet recipe. Louise and Madeleine surprised where having a dinner with professional chefs. Erika visits Eboni in the hospital, and Erika assures her that if the doctors give the okay, she can come back into the competition.

The next day, the girls receive Erika Mail where they have a goodie bag contains 5 sets of body spray. Jessica gets angry where a construction worker from a nearby construction site seeing their naked bodies. The girls head to their photo shoot where they will be wearing Azzolini swimwear with male models.

After the photo shoot, the girls speculated that would be a non-elimination. During the judging panel for the following day, they have a pre-evaluation challenge where about to change a swimwear for two minutes. Simone received her first call-out. Lara and Jessica land in the bottom two. Lara is criticised for seemingly thinking she is only judged on her photos, and Erika tells Jessica that the judges aren't sure she has the right look for a model. In the end, Lara is sent home.

  • First call-out: Simone Viljoen
  • Bottom two: Jessica French & Lara Cameron
  • Eliminated: Lara Cameron
  • Featured photographer: Simon Upton
  • Special guests: Adam Hill, Elka Graham, Michael Boyd, Dr. Richard Parkinson, Tracy Baker, Mick O'Rafferty, Jodhi Meares

Oh-My Cleo[edit]

Original Airdate: 8 February 2006

The girls travel to Bridge Climb, and learn they are climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. There, Erika talks to the girls about the media and the role they will be playing in the girls' lives. As the girls climb back down and reach the ground, Eboni returns and announces that she has come back to the competition, which pleases some girls, and ruffles the feathers of others, especially later on. The girls meet with Peter Metzner of The Arc Factory who tells them about the media and how they always have to be good role models and build their credibility where they seen Kate Fischer's video feedback tips. They are returned in the house where an unexpected visitor sees and reveals Adam, their personal trainer, where they have a tone up and jogging on a park.

The next day, the girls get into a fight about Eboni returning to the competition where Jessica suffered a panic attack. After the fight ended, they go to Sky News for the challenge is to be interviewed by Natalie Michaels to see how well they can deal with the media. Simone wins, showing a naturalness and naivete on camera that made her well liked and she wins a gig in a runway show. She picks Eboni and Louise to share her prize, leaving Madeleine and Jessica working backstage. Jessica feels that she was homesick and ashamed in her family.

The next day, the girls arrive at Central Coast Stadium for their photo shoot learning that they're shooting a 5-page editorial spread for Cleo, each of them getting their own page. Where they have to shoot with a soccer player. At the judging panel, the judges give them a speech from a media in front of them. Louise stumbles to get the right words. Eboni and Simone praised in good photos Louise and Madeleine fall into the bottom two. The judges think that Madeleine has lost her passion. But Louise's lack of confidence ultimately sends her home.

  • First call-out: Eboni Stocks
  • Bottom two: Louise van Brussel & Madeleine Rose
  • Eliminated: Louise van Brussel
  • Special guests: Dr. Richard Parkinson, Peter Metzner, Adam Hill, Natalie Michaels, Peter Evans, Victoria Tullock, Jo Ferguson, Nedahl Stelio

Fashion 1.1[edit]

Original Airdate: 15 February 2006

The girls visit a recording studio, where they find Erika recording a song. Erika tells them about how marketing plays a big role in a model's life. She brings the girls behind the microphone where each girl gets a one on one interview with Erika. She then sends the girls to Chic Modelling Agency to the agent, for them to learn how to market themselves.

Afterwards, the girls are visited by Jo Ferguson, the fashion editor for Cleo, to teach them about fashion. They go through the girls' wardrobes, and Jo shows them which outfits work and those that don't. Later, they have a vintage shopping where they meet Michael and gives them A$200 for an outfit to three fashion designers. The girls go on go-sees where they have to split two groups, ultimately Eboni is chosen as the best for the catwalk and picks Simone for a luxury limousine to taking them home.

The girls receive Erika Mail that they will be having lunch with a famous guest. The girls arrive at Doltone House to meet Antonia Kidman, who talks to the girls about marketing over lunch. They then attend an event for raising the awareness of breast cancer. The next day, the girls arrive for their photo shoot where they are suspended from ropes wearing Terry Biviano shoes. Eboni struggles, where she was uncomfortable in her back and neck pains. The crew must take her down and let the other girls go first.

Before elimination, the girls participate in a walk off between themselves, the models, and drag queens for charity, where Simone is crowned the winner. The following day for an elimination panel, the judges asked them a session with Napoleon which one person would win the competition. Jessica and Eboni excelled in their photos. where Madeleine and Simone fall in the bottom two. The judges don't think Simone is standing out. But the judges think Madeleine's efforts to stand out are too strong and she comes off as not genuine causing the judges to send her home.

  • First call-out: Jessica French
  • Bottom two: Madeleine Rose & Simone Viljoen
  • Eliminated: Madeleine Rose
  • Featured photographer: Liz Hahn
  • Special guests: Ursula Hufnagl, Kathy Ward, Jo Ferguson, Dianne Taylor, Napoleon Perdis, Bianca Spender, Camila & Marc, Wayne Cooper, Antonia Kidman, Terry Biviano, Ashleigh Swift

The Girl Who Becomes Australia's Next Top Model[edit]

Original Airdate: 22 February 2006

The final three contestants are congratulated by Erika for making it far in the competition. The next day, Simone, Jessica and Eboni are meet with top designer for a modelling tips and gesture. Later, they brought face-to-face with their last photo shoot, where it's a beautiful, clean beauty-shot where Erika watches intently. After the photo shoot, they are faced with their toughest challenge yet when they have to walk the runway for three various designers whom they would later walk the runway for if they make it into the final two and onto the final catwalk.

The following day, they have a body massage treat. Later at judging panel, the judges are worried that Simone may not have the personality down yet but that she's absolutely gorgeous and that her photograph was too. Eboni's back-problem may be a disadvantage too and Jessica's look is also brought up, being said that the fashion world may not be ready for someone like her and that her look isn't exactly 'in' at the moment despite taking the best beauty shot. In the end, Simone and Jessica land themselves in the bottom two and Simone is sent home.

  • First call-out: Eboni Stocks
  • Bottom two: Jessica French & Simone Viljoen
  • Eliminated: Simone Viljoen
  • Featured photographer: Nick Leary

The final two, Jessica and Eboni are preparing their breakfast whilst Erika tells them that they whisked away to Hilton Sydney by Limousine and taken to a room for a treat. They're later met by Michael who tells them that it's time to embark upon their final runway. The final runway took place at Cargo Lounge in Sydney Harbour. At the fashion show, all four judges are their to watch the girls strut their stuff and they're each equally impressed with both of them, especially Jessica.

The next day, the girls taken to Sydney Tower at Skywalk where they seen their boyfriends and have a lunch together. During their last and final judging, they girls look back upon their photo-shoots and are later asked to leave for the judges to deliberate. Soon enough, the girls are called back in, have their last words and Erika announces the winner on a large plasma TV screen and Eboni is the second winner of Australia's Next Top Model.

  • Final two: Eboni Stocks & Jessica French
  • Australia's Next Top Model: Eboni Stocks
  • Special guests: Charlie Brown, Jonathan Pease, Jesse Margolis, Nikita Semak


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Hometown Outcome
Sasha Greenoff 22 Darwin, Northern Territory Eliminated outside of judging panel in Episode 1
Rebecca Pian 18 Melbourne, Victoria Eliminated in Episode 1
Natalie Guiffre 19 Perth, Western Australia
Sophie Miller 18 Brisbane, Queensland Eliminated in Episode 2
Sarah Lawrence 19 Perth, Western Australia Eliminated in Episode 3
Hiranthi Warusevitane 21 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Eliminated in Episode 4
Caroline Mouflard 18 Byron Bay, New South Wales Quit in Episode 5
Lara Cameron 18 Perth, Western Australia Eliminated in Episode 5
Louise van Brussel 20 Adelaide, South Australia Eliminated in Episode 6
Madeleine Rose 18 Sydney, New South Wales Eliminated in Episode 7
Simone Viljoen 19 Canberra, Australian Capital Territory Eliminated in Episode 8
Jessica French 20 Brisbane, Queensland Runner-up
Eboni Stocks 19 Hobart, Tasmania Winner


Call-out Order[edit]

Erika's Callout Order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Eboni Madeleine Louise Madeleine Simone Eboni Jessica Eboni Eboni
2 Caroline Simone Madeleine Simone Madeleine Simone Eboni Jessica Jessica
3 Jessica Jessica Lara Eboni Louise Jessica Simone Simone
4 Simone Eboni Simone Lara Jessica Madeleine Madeleine
5 Louise Lara Caroline Louise Lara Louise
6 Lara Caroline Eboni Jessica Caroline
7 Hiranthi Louise Hiranthi Caroline
8 Madeleine Hiranthi Jessica Hiranthi
9 Sophie Sarah Sarah
10 Sarah Sophie
11 Natalie
12 Rebecca
13 Sasha
     The contestant was eliminated.
     The contestant was eliminated outside of panel.
     The contestant quit the competition.
     The contestant won the competition.
  • In episode 1, Sasha was eliminated outside of the judging panel by the Australian Corporal, after being named the worst runner in an obstacle course. Also, Natalie and Rebecca landed in the bottom two. Both of them were eliminated.
  • In episode 5, Caroline quit the competition in the beginning of the episode, and Eboni temporarily withdrew from the competition due to an injury.
  • In episode 6, Eboni re-entered the competition.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 Photo Shoot: Nude shoot wearing large pieces of jewellery
  • Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Loveable Lingerie shoot with circus oddities
  • Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Tragic Screen Sirens using emotions
  • Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Pioneer Women in the countryside
  • Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Azzolini swimwear with male models
  • Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Cheergirls with a soccer player
  • Episode 7 Photo Shoot: Suspended wearing Terry Biviano shoes
  • Episode 8 Photo Shoot: Shaded Beauty Shots


  • Caroline: Shortened, layered and dyed golden blonde
  • Eboni: Side-swept bangs added
  • Hiranthi: Curls added
  • Jessica: Bob cut and bangs added
  • Lara: Trimmed and dyed blonde
  • Louise: Dyed fire-engine red
  • Madeleine: Pixie cut and dyed platinum blonde
  • Sarah: A shoulder-length haircut and curls added
  • Simone: A shoulder-length haircut
  • Sophie: Dyed strawberry blonde


Other cast members[edit]

  • Michael Azzolini – personal stylist


In a surprising twist, Sasha Greenoff was eliminated and Madeleine Rose took her place in the competition. Also, in week 5 Eboni left due to a medical condition but was allowed to return in week 6 despite missing a photo shoot. Eboni Stocks, the winner, was also recently seen working as a sales person in a shoe store and was seen working in a restaurant.[1]

Post Top Model careers[edit]

After the show, Lara, Madeleine, Jessica, Caroline and Simone continued modelling. After being dropped from Chic Management, Eboni signed with Elite Modeling Agency (Aus). Caroline signed with Chic management but decided to pursue her education instead- she attends the university of technology in Sydney and is undertaking a bachelor of Law with a combined bachelor of medical science. In January 2008 Caroline moved to Los Angeles as world renowned NEXT model management expressed its interest in her look. Recently Eboni has signed up to Scene Model Management Eboni's Portfolio. She has been in Cleo and was in a MyPhone ad and modelled for Napoleon Perdis cosmetics and Suki Hairdressing and has been in 5Styles magazine has done test shots for Dominic Loneragan.

  • Lara Cameron: is currently signed to Chadwick Models.[2] she has also been in More magazine, Eat & travel magazine in Hong Kong, Avenuel magazine, Scoop magazine in autumn 2009, Oui magazine of the same year & Looks magazine in September 2012, has done test shots, some from Nicole Bentley & has done catalogue work for Joveeba in summer 2008/2009 & Ae'lkemi.
  • Jessica French: is currently signed to Dally's Model Agency and Scene Model Management in Perth.[3] and has done multiple test shots for Ruskin photography.
  • Sasha Grennoff: has been in the RAW swimsuit calendar in 2008 and has done some test shots.
  • Natalie Guiffre did not pursue any modelling.
  • Sarah Lawrence: is signed to Scene models both in Perth and melbourne and was in the 5th issue of Centro life magazine and the 18th issue of Talk magazine in 2007.
  • Sophie Miller has modelled for celina k designs and was in a wild girlz swimsuit calendar along with test shots for Danial Gowans, Carla Mitchell and Glen Bowden.
  • Caroline Mouflard did some test shots.
  • Rebecca Pian: did not pursue any modelling.
  • Madeleine Rose: modelled for Canterbury and Poison Kiss and has been seen in Harper's Bazaar, as well as being on the cover of Oyster magazine. She has also been in Cleo and Next Hair.[4]
  • Eboni Stocks: After being dropped from Chic Management and Priscilla's Model Management, Eboni is now signed with Scene Models. She recently has done catalogue work for Bella Brush.
  • Louise van Brussel did some modelling work and tests.
  • Simone Viljoen: she used to be signed to Chic Management[5] and has modelled for Zoo Weekly and Cooper Street[6]
  • Hiranthi Warusevitane: was signed with Scene Models and has been in a newspaper ad for Anton's hair studio along with 5 misc. test shots.


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