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Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 6
Cycle 6 cast
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 11
Original channel FOX8
Original release 20 July 2010 (2010-07-20) – 28 September 2010 (2010-09-28)
Season chronology
← Previous
Cycle 5
Next →
Cycle 7
Series summary

Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 6 is the sixth cycle of Australia's Next Top Model. The cycle premiered on 20 July 2010.[1] Auditions were held on 16–24 January 2010 across Australia in six cities.[2] Sarah Murdoch reprised her role as host and lead judge for this cycle.

The winner of this cycle was 17 year old Amanda Ware from Mermaid Beach, Queensland.

Due to an error during the live finale broadcast, Kelsey Martinovich was initially announced as winner. Consequently, she won several prizes usually reserved for the winner; including a A$25,000 cash prize, an all expenses paid trip to New York City to meet with potential modeling agents and a dulled cover and spread in Harper’s Bazaar Australia.

Series summary[edit]

A few major changes were made this series. The contestants were increased to 16 from 13 in standard series, Jez Smith returned as part of the judging panel for the first time since the third cycle, and Jonathan Pease was replaced by fashion icon Josh Flinn, due to the former's work conflicts.[3] Filming took place in May through June 2010.[4] The model house is located on 21 Hunter St, in Sydney's eastern suburb of Dover Heights.


Like the past three years, contestants were required to be between the ages of 16 and 23 at the time of filming. Those auditioning had to be at least 172 cm or 5'8" tall. In the past, contestants have weighed less than 60 kg. It is more desirable for contestants to suit these weight pre-requisites as plus-sized models are not common in Australia and local, (or in some cases international), designers require models to fit clothes made for an Australian size 8 or less. However, there is no restriction on weight.


The prizes for the series included representation by Australia’s premiere modeling agency Priscilla's Model Management for twelve months; a $25,000 contract to be the face of the jeans brand Levi’s; a trip to New York to meet with top modeling agency Elite Model Management; a Ford Fiesta Zetec $20,000 (courtesy of U by Kotex) and an exclusive eight page editorial and cover in fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar.[5]

Episode guide[edit]

The First Step[edit]

Original airdate: 20 July 2010

The sixteen new models arrived in Sydney and were introduced to their host, Sarah Murdoch. Sarah announced their first challenge of the week; walking down the runway for Harper's Bazaar Designer Selection show at the Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Due to discrepancies in their walks, Alison, Claire and Kathryn are told that they will not be taking part in the show as well as Ashlea, who's told that she may be to big for the collection. They were also introduced to their new style mentor, Josh Flinn.

After Fashion Week, the girls were taken to their new model house in the outskirts of Sydney, where they were welcomed with gifts and bags. The next day, they all were expected to take part in a photo shoot, which was for 1950s inspired clothing from the TV series, Mad Men.

Alison, Ashlea, Claire, Sally and Valeria were eliminated.

  • First call-out: Amanda Ware
  • Bottom six: Alison Boxer, Ashlea Monigatti, Claire Smith, Kimberly Thrupp, Sally Geach, & Valeria Nilova
  • Eliminated: Alison Boxer, Ashlea Monigatti, Claire Smith, Sally Geach, & Valeria Nilova
  • Featured photographer: Jez Smith
  • Special guests: Claudia Navone, Nikola Koke, Priscilla Leighton-Clark

21st Century Denim[edit]

Original airdate: 27 July 2010

A Sarah Mail on the phone shows the girls a photograph of a pair of jeans. They travel to Chatswood where they were met by Josh and Erin McNaught, and informed that they were shooting at viral campaign for Levi's for "Jeans for Genes day". Joanna, Sophie, Kimberly and Kelsey excelled.

The next day they traveled to Fox Studios and were met by Charlotte who was preparing them for their challenge which was to audition as co-host for a program in Channel [V]. Megan failed after only 10 seconds by reading on an autocue. Danny Clayton (one of the [V] hosts) found Kathryn boring, whilst Kimberly got the audition wrong by swearing, presently badly and getting the whole styling wrong according to Charlotte, who scores her zero out of ten. Jessica wins the challenge after impressing both Danny, Renee and Charlotte which her humour and knowledge of the word collaboration. She won the chance to take over from Renee Bargh and be Danny Clayton's co-host for the day.

This week's photo shoot is a denim campaign suspended 6 metres (20 ft) high from a tower. Brittney had to conquer her fear of heights.

At panel, the judges were impressed with Kathryn, Joanna, Amanda and Jessica's photos. Kimberly and Megan stood in the bottom two, but it was Megan who was asked to leave the competition and was sent home.

  • First call-out: Kathryn Lyons
  • Bottom two: Megan Jacob & Kimberly Thrupp
  • Eliminated: Megan Jacob
  • Featured photographer: Harold David
  • Special guests: Erin McNaught, Danny Clayton, Renee Bargh, David Bonnie, Bettina Liano

Before and After[edit]

Original airdate: 3 August 2010

All of the girls are rattled by Megan's elimination, leaving many nervous about the coming week. Josh arrives at the house with alongside him last year's winner, Tahnee Atkinson. They reveal that this week is all about makeovers. Before the transformations could begin the girls all had to take their 'before' shots with no make-up coached by Tahnee. Immediately after Josh takes them to Joh Bailey's hair salon for their makeovers. Whilst revealing what their hair will be changed to, many girls with shorter cuts like Kimberly and Sophie get jealous of the others with hair extensions.

The challenge this week is based at the Vivid festival being curated by Lou Reed, where the girls must pose and hold it until the lights change continuously for two hours. In the midst of the challenge a reporter comes around talking to the girls, whilst most of them didn't respond, Amanda and Brittney did. Kimberly and Kelsey are deemed the best at the challenge, although ultimately Kelsey wins and gets a getaway at a 5-star hotel, which leaves Kimberly feeling disappointed.

After announcing the winner, Sarah Murdoch, emphasises the fact that they need to get some "beauty" sleep for the photo shoot tomorrow leading to the inevitable beauty shot focusing on their hair transformations. At their photo shoot they had to style their clothes and jewellery themselves. Kelsey, Kimberly, Joanna, Kathryn and Amanda all impress with their beauty shots, Sophie also received praised but was castigated by Charlotte for her attitude, however Chantal, Brittney and Ashton all failed to make an impression, leaving Brittney and Ashton to fall to the bottom two, Brittney due to her failure to make a drastic imrpovement and Ashton as she is unable to put her potential to use in photographs. Ultimately, Ashton is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Kelsey Martinovich
  • Bottom two: Ashton Flutey & Brittney Dudley
  • Eliminated: Ashton Flutey
  • Featured photographer: Jason Capobianco
  • Special guests: Tahnee Atkinson, Joh Bailey, Claudia Navone, Emma Balfour

Nowhere to Hide[edit]

Original airdate: 10 August 2010

Everyone was shocked following Ashton's elimination the previous week. In the model house, the remaining girls were awoken by a splash in the swimming pool made by renowned Olympic swimmer Michael Klim. He leads the girls in some stretches and swimming in the freezing cold pool. He then introduces swimsuit model Cheyenne Tozzi who coaches the girls on how to pose and look good in a swimwear. Kimberly is uncomfortable in a bikini and promptly refuses to pose before bursting into tears. Cheyenne tells her that there are many things in the world to cry about, but that bikinis are not one of them.

The next day the girls were met by Alex Perry for an important challenge as they were to perform backstage with Megan Gale's swimsuit collection, Isola. However, there was only space for seven girls to walk in the catwalk show. Joanna wins the challenge and gets to both open and close the show. Jessica and Amanda come second and third and both get 3 changes each. Kathryn and Sophie were the two unlucky girls who didn't get to walk in the show. Kathryn gets upset as this is the second time in a challenge that she has not been allowed to walk in a catwalk show. Joanna is deemed the best in the show and wins a 5-night on a luxury resort in Queensland for her and a friend.

This week's photo shoot is all about swimwear, despite it being the start of winter in the Southern Hemisphere and freezing cold. Kelsey and Amanda both impress in their photoshoots. After the photo shoot Sophie goes back to Joh Bailey's hair salon to get desire on removing her messy hair extensions to redo her short hair makeover.

At panel, Joanna was called first on her first call-out, Kelsey looks more impressive on her modelling potential. Kimberly and Chantal landed in the bottom two as Kimberly was in the bottom again because Kimberly's attitude is really desperate on her hatred of bikinis, but it was Chantal who was asked to leave the competition because of her lack of self-belief and wants to get another chance in modelling.

  • First call-out: Joanna Broomfield
  • Bottom two: Chantal Croccolo & Kimberly Thrupp
  • Eliminated: Chantal Croccolo
  • Featured photographer: Pierre Toussaint
  • Special guests: Cheyenne Tozzi, Megan Gale, Michael Klim

Looks of the Street[edit]

Original airdate: 17 August 2010

Kelsey was visibly shocked on Chantal's elimination from the model house last week, as she thought Kimberly should have gone. Josh arrives at the model house with the announcement that a VIP will be arriving shortly. The VIP turns out to be Priscilla Leighton-Clark, the owner of Priscilla's Model Management and the women who will represent the winner of the competition. Priscilla tells the girls that they will be travelling to the fashion capital of Australia Melbourne. When they arrive in Melbourne they are excited to be staying at a top hotel, The Langham. Whilst they are exploring their new accommodation a phone rings announcing a Sarah Mail for the next challenge.

This week's challenge is for the girls to go on castings for three big names in Melbourne; Life With Bird, J'Aton and Allannah Hill. At each casting the girls showed off their walk, before the clients chose their favourites to try on some of their collections. The clients favourites were:

Client Casting model
Life With Bird Amanda, Joanna, Jessica
J'Aton Joanna, Kathryn, Sophie
Alannah Hill Amanda, Brittney, Jessica, Kathryn

Kelsey isn't happy to be one of the only ones who did not walk for any of the client. Amanda wins the challenge and receives a piece from each all three designers, including a bespoke piece especially designed for her from J'Aton.

The photo shoot for this week was for Impulse. Each girl was assigned a fragrance which they had to portray in their photos, where the winner would receive a national ad campaign.

Model Fragrance
Amanda Goddess
Brittney Glamour
Jessica Incense
Joanna New York Sass
Kathryn Romantic Spark
Kelsey Paris Chic
Kimberly True Love
Sophie Flirt/Tease

Kimberly struggles with the photo shoot and complains about the fragrance she was assigned as she 'does not believe in true love'.

At panel, it is announced that there were two winners of the national ad campaign, Kelsey and Joanna. Ultimately, Kimberly and Brittney land in the bottom two, with Kimberly being eliminated as the judges are unimpressed her attitude and her behaviour on-set of the photo shoot. After Kimberly is eliminated, she declares that this was her last shot at modelling and it's time for her to do something real with her life, something which angers both the other girls and the judges. She leaves the competition without acknowledging her fellow contestants.

  • First call-out: Kathryn Lyons
  • Bottom two: Brittney Dudley & Kimberly Thrupp
  • Eliminated: Kimberly Thrupp
  • Featured photographer: Simon Upton
  • Special guests: Alannah Hill, J'Aton, Priscilla Leighton-Clarke, Warren Minde

Magazine Animals[edit]

Original airdate: 24 August 2010

The girls got excited on Kimberly's elimination, they are surprised by Jez Smith and gives a lesson to working with their angles, then, they would make a photo shoot test. Brittney surprises on learning skills, as well as Amanda and Sophie, but Jessica is still criticized for not knowing how to manage her facial angles.

The next day, they met with Charlotte and informs them to participate for a local advertisement on television. Amanda, Brittney, Jessica and Kelsey were made the winners for this challenge. During the filming of the commercial, is criticized for its lack of energy, which pushes Sophie, Kathryn and Joanna, who had not been selected for the spot, but still had the opportunity to participate as extras. The commercial ends with distress, Joanna insulted so far and shows her envy.

This week's photo shoot is each model has two photos with different accessories and animals:

During the photo shoot, Brittney and Kathryn are those who find it more difficult, not to manage their expressions and we have no control over the animals. Joanna manages to be very quiet despite the fears caused by the yellow python, but it is Jessica who surprised the photographer to pose more comfortably with the Dalmatian.

At the judging panel, everyone's photos are getting to be chosen (including Joanna's two photos) except Kathryn who fails to make the spread in Cosmopolitan magazine, however only one photo is evaluated at panel. Amanda praises for her serenity in good photos, Jessica has a remarkable connection with animals. Joanna nearly falls on bottom caused on her bad attitude, it was Brittney and Kathryn landed in the bottom two, Brittney is too young for modeling and needs to have experience on it. The judges reviewed Kathryn's photo did made great. In the end, Brittney was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Amanda Ware
  • Bottom two: Brittney Dudley & Kathryn Lyons
  • Eliminated: Brittney Dudley
  • Featured photographer: Richard Freeman
  • Special guests: Nikola Koke, Josh Logue, Chantal Walker, Bronwyn McCahon

Fashionably Freezing[edit]

Original airdate: 31 August 2010

The six remaining girls are having time to make three teams of two people, and each sent to do something with the judges, Joanna and Jessica taken to Chinese garden and have to choose a yoga session with Charlotte, Amanda and Kelsey did tap dancing with Josh and Sophie and Kathryn took exercise session with Alex. Josh is happy on seeing Amanda and Kelsey as having some fun, Sophie has done work in exercises, but for Kathryn, she was criticizing in rapid exhaustion.

The next day, they are taken at the Metro and to making a small choreography forming a large audience and wearing Bonds lingerie for a public underwear show with Evermore. During the challenge, Kelsey and Amanda made the best on their performance, showing lot of energy and their attitude, at the end, Kathryn is the worst, and not uncomfortable with crowd of many spectators. Sarah reveals the first was to be occupied by Kelsey and Amanda, one would win to get an ad campaign with Bonds, and Amanda wins the challenge.

Moments after the challenge, they were awakened early for a Sarah Mail message as some girls brought their bags and pillows, and send to Thredbo, in the Australian Alps. This week's photo shoot is going to meet with Josh and they are posing with vintage lingerie and animal skins in extreme cold temperatures.

During the judging panel, some girls are criticized for some reasons, Sophie praises as defining in her best photo, Amanda, Kelsey and Joanna had their weak photos, amazes as forming the strongest in the competition. It is universally acknowledged that the photographer David Shields took bad photos of the top three. Sophie finally called first, Kelsey and Joanna landed in the bottom two for their weaknesses, Kelsey was disappointed on her bad photo, despite having stronger appearance in the previous weeks. At a surprise ending, Joanna was eliminated.

  • First call-out: Sophie Van Den Akker
  • Bottom two: Joanna Broomfield & Kelsey Martinovich
  • Eliminated: Joanna Broomfield
  • Featured photographer: David Shields
  • Special guests: Kris Smith, Evermore, Priscilla Leighton-Clark

Now It's Serious[edit]

Original airdate: 7 September 2010

The girls were talking about Joanna's exit from the competition, Kelsey and Amanda especially. For the challenge, the girls were met by Josh, where he leads them through Sydney's city streets modeling designer clothing as though on a runway. They were secretly watched by covert agents, who are later revealed to be Anneliese Seubert and Alex Perry. Kathryn falls over in a small park and she has the opportunity to change her shoes.

The next challenge is to advertise Kotex U Platinum and the girls meet Monty Noble, a Kotex representative, as they take part in shooting a national advertising campaign. Kelsey and Kathryn are determined to both be favorites and they are asked to reshoot the advertisement. Kelsey later wins the challenge. After the challenge, the girls travelled to The Rum Diaries to celebrate Kathryn's 21st birthday.

The next day, the girls were met by Sarah and have to model international designer labels such as Armani, Bally, Burberry, Gucci and Hermes on a luxury yacht for their photo shoot. The photographer loves Amanda's outcome on her angles in the photo. Kathryn did well in the photo shoot. Sophie is highly praised and amazes in her Armani men's suit.

At panel, the judges criticized Jessica's photo as her body looked great but not her face. Kelsey and Kathryn land in the bottom two. Kathryn did not impress with her catwalk skills and the judges were not convinced that Kelsey is a high fashion model. Kathryn was eliminated, despite being one of, if not the strongest in front of the camera.

  • First call-out: Amanda Ware
  • Bottom two: Kathryn Lyons & Kelsey Martinovich
  • Eliminated: Kathryn Lyons
  • Featured photographer: Georges Antoni
  • Special guests: Anneliese Seubert, Monty Noble

Lost In Translation[edit]

Original airdate: 14 September 2010

Sarah arrives at the model house and tells the girls that they are going to Tokyo. Sophie is really excited to hear the news as well as Amanda. As for the remaining girls, they're about to experience culture shock. The girls are booked into Japan Airlines. The girls then arrive at Narita International Airport and are greeted by a crowd of Japanese people wearing facemasks. They proceed to a hotel in Tokyo where they receive Sarah Mail.

The first photo shoot takes place in a Japanese garden with the girls wearing a traditional Japanese kimono. Kelsey stuns the photographer and looks amazing. Amanda looks very awkward in the photo shoot as the theme does not suit her look. They then participate in a fashion segment for Kawaii, and team up with a Japanese helper for a 'shopping for fashion' challenge with the "Naughty Japanese School Girl" theme, as follows:

Model Kawaii theme
Amanda Japanese Gal Fashion
Jessica School Girl Fashion
Kelsey Lolita Fashion
Sophie Fairy Fashion

Amanda wins the challenge as her Japanese Gal theme is deemed the best.

The second photo shoot takes part at the busy intersection at Shibuya on Avant-garde fashion street wear. Sophie impresses with her photo. Amanda receives a boring photo and is considered the worst of the bunch. After the photo shoot, the girls spend one last moment in Tokyo to write wishes to their family and friends.

Back in Australia at the judging panel, the judges praise Sophie for her "extraordinarily beautiful" and "New York standard" photos. Surprisingly, Amanda lands in the bottom two with Jessica where Jessica is sent home, her photo having not impressed the judges enough to stay in the competition, despite having a strong portfolio.

  • First call-out: Sophie Van Den Akker
  • Bottom two: Jessica Moloney & Amanda Ware
  • Eliminated: Jessica Moloney
  • Featured photographers: Tomohisa Tobitsuka, Jez Smith
  • Special guests: Misako Aoki, Yu Kimura, Hikari Yamakawa, Yunkoro, Aya Suzuki, Hiroko Sumikura, Sonoko Ishii, Jason Coates, Doll Wright

The Final Three[edit]

Original airdate: 21 September 2010

The final three face their biggest challenge to date. It's time to find out who is ready to be a professional model, and which girl has what it takes to make the cover and pages of Harpers Bazaar. First, there's a couture fashion parade in front of the judges. Kelsey is reminded about her lack of height when she tried on a couture gown which is made for taller models. All three of the girls impressed the judges. After a high-pressure fitting under the scrutiny of the Harper's Bazaar editor, the girls have a gruelling two-day photo shoot. Amanda initially had all the right attributes to become a successful model but her lack of variety and looks on the shoot had shown otherwise. Sophie was criticized for being too commercial, while photographer Simon and stylist Christine were impressed with Kelsey after a flawless performance during her shoot.

At elimination, the judges are impressed with how professional the girls have been and how they have grown from average girls to potential international models. The final three have proven they have what it takes to grace the cover of Harper's Bazaar. Amanda receives first call-out and it's then revealed that Kelsey and Sophie would be joining Amanda in the controversial live-final.

  • First call-out: Amanda Ware
  • Bottom two: Kelsey Martinivich & Sophie Van Den Akker
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Simon Lekias
  • Special guests: Claudia Navone, Christine Centenera, Edwina McCann

Live Finale[edit]

Original airdate: 28 September 2010

Live from Luna Park, Sarah Murdoch hosted the finale of the show and it began with an introduction of the judging panel that consisted of Alex Perry, Charlotte Dawson and Jez Smith. The 13 eliminated contestants were walked on Mad Men theme.

Sarah then introduced the girls, including the final 3, as they started on interviews in their Top Model journeys, plus favorite memorable moments for the series. The top ten had to perform a runway show with DJ Stafford Brothers. The interview resumes with Kelsey as showed her journey in the show. The judges have verdicts, Alex had to choose Amanda, Charlotte wanted Sophie, and Jez chose Amanda.

Jessica was awarded $5,000 for winning Australia's Favourite Top Model on the Fox8 website as voted by viewers and thanks to Impulse. Kathryn was also awarded $2,000 worth of Alex Perry clothing for being voted second most favourite. Afterwards, model mentor Josh Flinn, Harper's Bazaar Australia editor Claudia Navone and model manager Priscilla Leighton-Clark show their Harper's Bazaar covers, Josh chose Amanda, the management of Elite New York also chose Amanda, Claudia also liked Amanda, as more likable in a safe choice, although she favoured Kelsey's cover. After the final three girls had mixed interviews, the votes had began and ready the results, Kelsey and Amanda were declared safe and made it for the final two, while Sophie was eliminated.

  • Final three: Amanda Ware, Kelsey Martinovich & Sophie Van Den Akker
  • Eliminated: Sophie Van Den Akker
  • Australia's Favourite Top Model: Jessica Moloney

After a commercial break, in the biggest controversy in the history of the show, Sarah Murdoch initially named Kelsey as the winner, but declared moments later that miscommunication had occurred between the broadcast truck and the stage, and that Amanda was the actual winner after an incredibly close public vote, becoming the first winner hailed from Queensland.[6] Foxtel gave Kelsey an all-expense paid trip to New York and A$25,000 as compensation. Harper's Bazaar decided to split the cover of the November issue printing half featuring Amanda on the cover and the other Kelsey as there were only 3 votes between the two girls.[7]

  • Final two: Amanda Ware & Kelsey Martinovich
  • Australia's Next Top Model: Amanda Ware
  • Special guests: Claudia Navone, Priscilla Leighton-Clarke


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age[1] Hometown Outcome
Nilova, ValeriaValeria Nilova 17 Rostrevor, South Australia Eliminated in Episode 1
Geach, SallySally Geach 19 Bull Creek, Western Australia
Smith, ClaireClaire Smith 18 Sorrento, Western Australia
Monigatti, AshleaAshlea Monigatti 16 Echuca, Victoria
Boxer, AlisonAlison Boxer 16 Yarraville, Victoria
Jacob, MeganMegan Jacob 17 Park Orchards, Victoria Eliminated in Episode 2
Flutey, AshtonAshton Flutey 18 Collaroy, New South Wales Eliminated in Episode 3
Croccolo, ChantalChantal Croccolo 20 Bankstown, New South Wales Eliminated in Episode 4
Thrupp, KimberlyKimberly Thrupp 20 Burleigh Waters, Queensland Eliminated in Episode 5
Dudley, BrittneyBrittney Dudley 16 Clare, South Australia Eliminated in Episode 6
Broomfield, JoannaJoanna Broomfield 18 North Adelaide, South Australia (originally from United Kingdom) Eliminated in Episode 7
Lyons, KathrynKathryn Lyons 21 Jamboree Heights, Queensland Eliminated in Episode 8
Moloney, JessicaJessica Moloney 19 Harvey, Western Australia Eliminated in Episode 9
Van Den Akker, SophieSophie Van Den Akker 19 Croydon, Victoria Eliminated in Episode 11
Martinovich, KelseyKelsey Martinovich 19 Lennox Head, New South Wales Runner-Up
Ware, AmandaAmanda Ware 18 Mermaid Beach, Queensland Winner
  • Kathryn's age changed during the filming of episode 8, when she turned 21.
  • Amanda's age changed during the filming of episode 4, when she turned 18.


Call-out Order[edit]

Sarah's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
1 Amanda Kathryn Kelsey Joanna Kathryn Amanda Sophie Amanda Sophie Amanda Kelsey Amanda
2 Joanna Joanna Kimberly Kelsey Joanna Jessica Kathryn Sophie Kelsey Kelsey Amanda Kelsey
3 Kathryn Amanda Kathryn Brittney Kelsey Kelsey Jessica Jessica Amanda Sophie Sophie
4 Kelsey Jessica Jessica Kathryn Jessica Sophie Amanda Kelsey Jessica
5 Sophie Sophie Joanna Sophie Sophie Joanna Kelsey Kathryn
6 Chantal Kelsey Amanda Jessica Amanda Kathryn Joanna
7 Megan Brittney Chantal Amanda Brittney Brittney
8 Jessica Ashton Sophie Kimberly Kimberly
9 Ashton Chantal Brittney Chantal
10 Brittney Kimberly Ashton
11 Kimberly Megan
12 Alison
13 Ashlea
14 Claire
15 Sally
16 Valeria
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, Alison, Ashlea, Claire, Kimberly, Sally and Valeria landed in the bottom six. Sarah handed the last photograph to Kimberly, eliminating the other five contestants.
  • In episode 10 Kelsey and Sophie landed in the bottom two, neither of them was eliminated, and all three contestants advanced to the live final.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 Photo Shoot: Mad Men-inspired Clothing Style from the 1950s
  • Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Denim Campaign
  • Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Beauty Shoot
  • Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Swimwear on the Beach
  • Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Impulse Advertisement Campaign
  • Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Accessories with Animals for Cosmopolitan
  • Episode 7 Photo Shoot: Vintage Lingerie and Fur in the Snow
  • Episode 8 Photo Shoot: High Fashion Garments on a Yacht
  • Episode 9 Photo Shoots: Traditional Kimonos; Avant-garde Street Wear
  • Episode 10 Photo Shoot: Harpers Bazaar Cruise 10" Shoot


Other cast members[edit]

  • Josh Flinn – style director, model mentor[3]

Post Top Model Agencies[edit]


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