Australia's Next Top Model (cycle 8)

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Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 8
Cycle 8 cast
Country of origin Australia
No. of episodes 12
Original channel FOX8
Original release 9 July 2013 (2013-07-09) – 24 September 2013 (2013-09-24)
Season chronology
← Previous
Cycle 7
Next →
Cycle 9
Series summary

Australia's Next Top Model, Cycle 8 is the eighth cycle of Australia's Next Top Model. It began to air on the 9th of July 2013. Sarah Murdoch left the show and was replaced by Jennifer Hawkins. Alex Perry and Charlotte Dawson returned as judges for this season with Didier Cohen as the new judge, joining Perry, Dawson and Hawkins.[1] This is the last series of Australia's Next Top Model to feature Dawson, after she died of an apparent suicide five months after it ended.

The winner of the competition was 16 year-old Melissa Juratowitch from Melbourne, Victoria.[2] As her prizes, she will receive a one-year modeling contract with IMG Sydney and worldwide representation by IMG London, New York, Milan and Paris. Additionally, she will receive the cover and an eight-page fashion spread in Harper's Bazaar Australia, twenty thousand dollars in cash from TRESemmé, a brand new Nissan Dualis, and an overseas trip to Paris to meet with IMG Paris.[3]

Series summary[edit]

Fifty semi-finalists were selected to take part in this years' competition.[4] The first episode of the show was shown in a special screening for fans of the series. Fifteen official contestants were chosen to compete for the title.[5]


The all contestants had to be aged 16 or over in order to apply for the show. Those auditioning had to be at least 172 centimetres (68 in) tall. To qualify, all applicants had to be an Australian citizen currently living in Australia.

Additional requirements stated that a contestant could not have had previous experience as a model in a national campaign within the last five years, and if a contestant was represented by an agent or a manager, she had to terminate that representation prior to the competition.


Auditions for Cycle 8 began to take place on Sunday, 13 January in Adelaide. They continued in Perth, Brisbane, Townsville, and Sydney throughout the rest of the month before wrapping up in Melbourne on Wednesday, 23 January.[6]

International Destinations[edit]

The first international destination this cycle was set in Bangkok, Thailand. The second international destination was set in Port Louis, Mauritius.

Episode guide[edit]

Episode 1[edit]

Original airdate: 9 July 2013

New host Jennifer Hawkins and judge Didier Cohen are introduced for the first time, along with Charlotte Dawson and Alex Perry returning as judges for the eighth series.

The top 50 chosen semi-finalists for season eight arrive for boot camp at Cockatoo Island. There, the models meet Jennifer, Alex, and Charlotte for the first time. As part of the island's history of convicts and punishment, the contestants are challenged to take part in various tests having to do with the same themes.

The girls are asked to take off all their make-up for a mugshot photo shoot. The models meet the judges in groups of five in order to showcase their model potential and attempt making a lasting impression. Immediately after the interviews, the first elimination takes place. The contestants are divided into two groups, team Charlotte and team Alex, with each group having twenty-five girls. The girls in Alex's team are revealed to have advanced into the top 25, leaving the models in Charlotte's team to be eliminated.

  • First eliminated semi-finalists (Top 50 reduced to 25): Aimee Chirio, Bhrianna Baxter, Briana McKeogh, Bronte Eather, Emily McCabe, Hannah Roach, Jana Du Plessis, Jessie Sander, Kelsey Smith, Lauren Haynes, Lauren Winn, Magdalen Elmitt, Melissa Stark, Mikayla Spurtacz, Monique Du Plessis, Nikita Steinohrt, Samantha McManus, Sara Rose Webber, Simone Brook, Sophie Grose, Stevie Lee Barrett, Talisa Quirk, Tea Karajcic, Tiffany Southerton & Zahra Thalari.

The following day the girls are woken by Didier, and are prepared for a plank walking runway challenge. Most girls struggle to maintain their balance. Brooke R. and Skye are the only models to fall into the water.

For the final challenge, the semi-finalists are helped onto a scaffolding for a jailbird photo shoot. Alex, Charlotte, and Didier watch all the models as they work. Each girl is given five minutes in front of the camera. April and Madeleine are critiqued because of their lack of confidence while they shoot. Meanwhile, Taylah, Shanali, and Abbie receive positive comments.

After the shoot, all of the judges sit together to deliberate on who should be selected to be a part of the final cast. The girls enter the elimination room, and are called forward in groups in order to learn their verdict.

Abbie, Ashley, Dajana, Rhiannon, Taylah, Shanali, Chanique, Brooke H., Taylor, Madeline, Jade, Duckie, Shannon, Melissa and April make it through the final round of boot camp, while the ten rejects are asked to leave the competition. Immediately after, it is revealed that all of the girls will be flying to Thailand.

  • Second eliminated semi-finalists (Top 25 reduced to 15): Anita Simundza, Brooke Robson, Cassandra Lapthorne, Emily Parnaby, Emily Tropea, Georgia Gibbs, Harriet Hulse, Skye Flintrop, Sophie Watkins & Zhoe Trotter.
  • Featured photographer: Mike Naumoff

Episode 2[edit]

Original airdate: 16 July 2013

The fifteen finalists arrive to the airport and board their flight to Bangkok, Thailand. After they arrive, they are taken to a luxury hotel for the duration of their stay. That morning the girls receive their first Jen Mail which tells them to 'open the window to their soul'.

Later that same day the models are taken to a Thai temple. There they meet Charlotte, who tells them that they will have to let their beauty shine from the inside. One of the monks in the temple explains the concept of Buddhism to the girls, and the importance of respecting their elders. He also teaches them how to meditate. Afterwards, the models are taken outside to practice what they have learned. Some of the girls become annoyed when Rhiannon fails to take the lesson more seriously.

The next segment of the episode is a styling challenge in which the contestants are divided into three teams of five, and must scavenge for accessories in the local market. They must also choose a 'muse' to showcase the outfit they have put together.

Team Muse
April, Dajana, Duckie, Madeline & Shanali
Abbie, Melissa, Shannon, Taylah & Taylor
Ashley, Brooke, Chanique, Jade & Rhiannon

After time runs out, all the models gather together to present their finished looks for Charlotte and Didier. April goes first, and both of the judges are pleased with the result. Abbie walks out next. While Charlotte assures her team that they had done a good job, both she and Didier critique Abbie for laughing. Ashley states having felt left out from her team, and Jade is the last muse to walk out. Both of the judges dislike the shoes that were chosen for Jade. The girls in April's team are revealed to be the challenge winners.

For the photo shoot, the models are photographed as rich Thai travelers lost in the countryside. Abbie, Shanali, Ashley, Melissa, Shannon, Duckie, Jade, Taylah, Brooke, and April all receive good or mostly positive feedback. Shannon struggles with feeling comfortable, and Madeline battles with her confidence. The photographer struggles most with Chanique, who cries after the shoot. Taylor complains about the heat and having to wait for hours on end for her turn to shoot.

Panel takes place back in Australia. April receives praise for both her picture, and her role as muse in the challenge. Ashley, Duckie, Brooke, Melissa, Taylah, and Shanali also receive positive comments from the judges. Rhiannon is criticized for not taking the challenges seriously. Although the judges sympathize with Chanique, they admit that they dislike her photo. Shannon is complimented on her body in her picture, but is told that her face needs work.

During elimination, April receives first call-out. Chanique and Shannon are revealed to be the bottom-two contestants. Shannon is given another chance, and for having failed to live up to the judges' expectations of her, Chanique is eliminated from the competition.

  • First call-out: April Harvey
  • Bottom two: Chanique Greyling & Shannon Richardson
  • Eliminated: Chanique Greyling
  • Special guests: None
  • Featured photographer: Kane Skennar

Episode 3[edit]

Original airdate: 23 July 2013

The morning that the girls move into their new home, Ashley has to be taken to the hospital due to a case of appendicitis. She has to get her appendix removed at the hospital, leaving her to worry about how long it will take for her to recover for the competition. Meanwhile, the thirteen other models are driven to the model mansion and quickly settle in. Moments after, Jennifer drops by to reveal the prizes that one of the contestants will receive if she wins the competition. She later introduces the models to health and fitness expert James Duigan for a lesson on healthy eating.

The following morning, the girls receive a message from Candice Swanepoel. In preparation for the weekly challenge, Candice talks to them about the importance of body endurance, fitness, and strength in the field of modeling. Minutes later, the models head out of the house and are driven to The Stampede for an arduous and grueling obstacle course. Didier meets the girls and explains each step in the obstacle course. Because of an injured knee, Taylah is asked to sit out from the challenge. With the help of her drive and effort throughout course, Jade becomes the challenge winner. As her prize, she receives $2,000 worth of fitness apparel and a years' supply of health supplements from James Duigan.

When the girls arrive back at home from the challenge, they find Ashley, who has returned from the hospital after surgery.

For the photo shoot, the contestants meet Charlotte and their photographer. They are styled as sports luxe athletes in a weight room. Talyah, Duckie, Jade, Melissa, Rhiannon, Shannon, Brooke, Abbie, and Ashley all do well on set. Madeline starts off badly, but later begins to do better. Charlotte believes that April only has 'one look'. Shanali also struggles.

At panel, Dajana, Duckie, Melissa, Rhiannon, Shannon, Taylah, Ashley, and Abbie receive positive feedback. Taylor is told that her beauty isn't enough, and that she needs to begin delivering better pictures. Madeline is told to 'push more'. Shanali believes she could have performed better with another outfit. Brooke receives mixed feedback. April is critiqued once more during deliberation for what the judges believe is a lack of versatility.

During elimination, Taylah receives photo of the week. Madeline and Taylor land in the bottom two, both for failing to deliver better photographs. Ultimately the judges see more potential in Madeline, and she is spared from elimination. In turn, Taylor is asked to pack her belongings and go home.

  • First call-out: Taylah Roberts
  • Bottom two: Madeline Cowe & Taylor Henley
  • Eliminated: Taylor Henley
  • Special guests: James Duigan, Candice Swanepoel
  • Featured photographer: Justin Ridler

Episode 4[edit]

Original airdate: 30 July 2013

The models receive a Jen Mail which tells them to not forget their manners. They are then driven to Elizabeth Bay House where they meet Jennifer for what they believe is a relaxing meal. Without their knowledge however, the girls are spied closely on their table manners by Jennifer and hostess June Dally-Watkins as they eat. The girls are introduced to June, and are left alone with her for a lesson on proper etiquette.

Once the models have arrived home, they are visited by Rachael Finch. She talks to them about the upcoming challenge in which they will have to attend a red carpet event with paparazzi, the media, and fans of the show for a premiere screening of Australia's Next Top Model: The Movie at The Ritz Cinema. Rachael asks that the girls be poised, elegant, and graceful upon exiting the cars for the red carpet. She reveals that the contestants who win the challenge, will be shot for a national Nissan DUALIS commercial, which will be their first paid job as a model. She then proceeds to exit so the models can prepare themselves.

Alex and Rachael wait at the cinema with the press. As the cars begin to drop off the girls, Shanali, Madeline, Brooke, Taylah, Dajana, and Shannon receive praise for how they handle themselves in the red carpet. Alex and Rachael dislike that both Abbie and Dajana forgot the model of the car in which they got dropped off, while Rhiannon is critiqued for her hunched shoulders. Alex and Rachael reveal that the winners of the challenge are Shannon, Brooke, and Shanali. They shoot for their commercial the following day.

For the photo shoot the models meet Didier and their photographer, Derek Henderson. The brief for the shoot is to embody a modern interpretation of the 1950s housewife.

At panel, Didier comments on Brooke's inability to fit the brief. Charlotte agrees, but states that it is still a beautiful picture nevertheless. The judges like Ashley's photo, but Alex tells her that she needs to try elongating herself in her pictures. Charlotte and Jennifer like Jade's picture, but Didier calls her out on the fact that she cried after the shoot. Rhiannon is critiqued on not taking direction well. The judges agree that Dajana could have done better, and they commend Madeline for having improved significantly from her previous performances. The judges unanimously praise Melissa's photograph, and they admit that there is nothing engaging or convincing about Abbie's. April is once again critiqued for her lack of variety. The models are dismissed while the judges deliberate.

During deliberation, Didier argues that Taylah has the same look 'every single time'. Duckie and Shanali receive positive feedback for their pictures. The girls are called back into the elimination room and Melissa receives best picture, while Abbie and Rhiannon are called forward as the bottom two. Jennifer states that although Abbie has the ability to do well, she is giving off the impression that she is only in the competition for the ride. She also explains to Rhiannon that the judges have noticed she doesn't take the challenges and lessons very seriously. Jennifer hands the final photograph to Abbie, leaving Rhiannon in tears and shock.

  • First call-out: Melissa Juratowitch
  • Bottom two: Abbie Weir & Rhiannon Bradshaw
  • Eliminated: Rhiannon Bradshaw
  • Special guests: June Dally-Watkins, Rachael Finch
  • Featured photographer: Derek Henderson

Episode 5[edit]

Original airdate: 6 August 2013

Some of the girls express their feelings concerning Rhiannon's elimination the previous episode. The models are driven to the Australian Reptile Park, where they meet Didier. He explains that their goal during the visit is to overcome their fears. For the very first activity, the models are divided into two teams of six for a relay race where they are each asked to pull a coin out of a jar full of insects. For the second, they are challenged to kiss an alligator. In the final test, they are asked to let a snake crawl on them. Most of the girls seemingly overcome some of their fears, and as a reward they are allowed to play with a kangaroo. They quickly find a Jen Mail telling them to prepare for a personal transformation the next day.

During makeover day, the girls meet Charlotte and Troy Thompson, director of hair for TRESemmé. While the haircuts are being administered, none of the models can see what they are being given as their makeover. Before they can see themselves in the mirror for the first time, Charlotte reveals that each girl must perform on the catwalk for clients, important members of the fashion industry, and the media. Relatives of the contestants also make an appearance after the models have seen their new looks. Most of the girls take kindly to the changes and are able to keep an open mind.

The contestants arrive at Hyde Park for their photo shoot, in which they have to create a photograph inspired by Calvin Klein in vintage lingerie. Alex Perry keeps a close eye on the girls as they are being photographed. Jade, Taylah, Melissa, Shanali, Duckie, and Abbie all receive positive feedback. Madeline and April are asked to repeat their sessions after the photographer becomes displeased with their initial frames. Brooke is critiqued on her lack of versatility. Alex confesses that Ashley's overly friendly and comfortable attitude annoyed him.

During judging, Alex comments on Taylah's inability to change her expression in her photographs. Duckie, Melissa, Abbie, Jade, and Shanali, are all praised for having delivered great results during the shoot. Ashley is critiqued for not having fit the brief. In general, the judges dislike April and Brooke's photos.

The models re-enter the elimination room and Melissa is awarded her second picture of the week. April and Brooke are left as the last two girls hoping to receive a place in the top eleven. April is told that although the judges have had faith in her since boot camp, her performance has declined ever since. While Brooke is praised for her determination, she is told that the judges still question her ability to be versatile. Jennifer proceeds to reveal that the judges have decided to send both of them home, rattling the remaining ten girls.

  • First call-out: Melissa Juratowitch
  • Bottom two: April Harvey & Brooke Hogan
  • Eliminated: April Harvey & Brooke Hogan
  • Featured photographer: Harold David
  • Special guests: Julie Mendezona, Troy Thompson, Thelma McQuillan, Danielle Ragenard

Episode 6[edit]

Original airdate: 13 August 2013

The girls are driven to Broken Hill, in the outback. Upon arriving, the models meet Charlotte for a lesson on line dancing, which is intended to teach them teamwork and how to take direction. Later that episode, the girls meet Charlotte and Didier in the middle of a barren field. The models are split into two teams of five, with one girl from each team being chosen as a live model. The live model must hold a pose for the duration of the challenge, which will last forty-five minutes. The other four contestants in each team are in charge of creating a landscape painting that incorporates their live model as inspiration. The most creative team who wins the challenge is promised a mud facial at a spa in Broken Hill.

Groups Live Model
Dajana, Jade, Madeline, Shanali, Taylah
Abbie, Ashley, Duckie, Melissa, Shannon

Charlotte and Didier compliment Melissa's resolve during the challenge, and the fact that she chose standing instead of sitting while she was being painted. After the girls have finished, Ashley begins a paint fight with the contestants. Ashley throws paint on Dajana, who had already told her to stop because she was wearing some of Taylah's clothes. After showing Taylah what had happened to her clothes, Taylah begins to play choke Ashley. Things quickly escalate after they both fall into the bushes, and Taylah begins to throw grass and dirt on top of Ashley. Seeing that she has actually made Taylah angry at her, Ashley becomes emotional. Shannon steps in to comfort her, and Ashley explains that Taylah had taken the joke too far, and that she wants to go home. Meanwhile, Taylah sits with the other girls stating that she doesn't care if Ashley is crying.

After some time has elapsed, Charlotte and Didier confront the girls and demand an explanation. After being reprimanded, Taylah expresses the fear she feels about what the incident might mean for her place in the competition. The winners of the challenge are never revealed.

During the shoot, the girls are paired with one of their fellow models. Their brief for the photo shoot is to embody fugitives escaping into the desert.

Abbie & Duckie
Ashley & Melissa
Dajana & Shannon
Madeline & Jade
Shanali & Taylah

Duckie struggles during her session with Abbie. The latter is seen as being more inventive of the two. Jade receives praise, but the photographer comments on Madeline's lack of confidence. He also says that out of all the girls there, Shannon is the last person he would book for a job. Ashley receives praise for being able to get into character. Meanwhile, Melissa struggles. The photographer believes that Shanali and Taylah have the strongest looks, but that there isn't enough chemistry between them.

Jez Smith replaces Alex's place during panel. Abbie, Madeline, Jade, Ashley, and Shanali receive overwhelmingly positive criticism. Duckie and Shannon are critiqued for allowing their partner to take over the shot. The same is said for Melissa, but she is also criticized for not fitting the brief. When Taylah is called up for her critique, Jennifer explains that due to the events that had taken place earlier that week, the judges had been left with no other alternative than to disqualify her for having broken the rules of the competition. She is asked to say her goodbyes to the other nine models, and return to the mansion to pack her belongings.

  • Disqualified: Taylah Roberts[7][8]

During elimination, Jade and Madeline receive a joint photo of the week for having performed the best as a team and for having delivered the strongest photograph. Duckie and Melissa are called forward as the bottom two. Jennifer tells them that the judges are disappointed to place them there, but that due to their strong past performances and the elimination that had already taken place, neither of them would be eliminated.

The scene cuts to Taylah being driven home. In a confessional, Taylah expresses her regret for having behaved the way she did. She also acknowledges that it was nobody's actions but her own which saw her disqualified from the competition.

  • First call-out: Jade Collins & Madeline Cowe
  • Bottom two: Duckie Thot & Melissa Juratowitch
  • Eliminated: None
  • Featured photographer: Jordan Graham
  • Special guests: Tin Gauci, Kathy Ferry

Episode 7[edit]

Original airdate: 20 August 2013

The girls return home from the previous elimination and find a letter from Taylah waiting for them back at home. The next day, the models are taken to Manning Cartell in order to begin perfecting their runway walks. When they arrive, they meet Jennifer and designer Gabby Manning for the very first time. Jennifer explains that they will be receiving a crash course in catwalk. As the girls begin to showcase their walks for the lesson, Gabby and Jennifer begin to make comments on where they think the models need improvement. Afterwards, the girls are fitted into some of Manning's designs so they can show what they have learned. Abbie and Shanali are pointed out as having been the standouts during the lesson. Back at home, Ashley becomes emotional after the other girls make some comments about her walk.

In the morning, the contestants receive a new Jen Mail which alludes that their next test will come in the form of a casting challenge. The models meet judge Alex Perry and he tells them that one of the girls will become the new face of Colgate Optic White for a paid national campaign. Under the premise that it will help determine the winner of the casting, the girls are secretly recorded in a waiting room in order to monitor their behavior and their reactions to awkward situations planted by the producers of the show.

Dajana, Jade, Duckie, Melissa, Shanali, and Abbie manage to keep their act together despite the set-up. Madeline evidently feels uncomfortable after her incident. Ashley is critiqued for appearing to be disinterested and uncomfortable. Both her and Shannon come across as having an attitude in the waiting room. All of the girls are able to take five frames for the brand representatives. Alex reveals that the girls had been recorded, unbeknownst to them. For having excelled in both parts of the challenge, Jade is chosen as the face of the new toothpaste.

On the day of the photo shoot, the models are photographed at the Hilton Hotel for a Colgate campaign that showcases their smiles. The brief is to embody a sophisticated, glamorous, confident, and mature woman. Shannon, Duckie, Jade, Shanali, Ashley, and Dajana do well. Melissa finds it awkward to laugh during the shoot, while the photographer comments on Abbie and Madeline's inability to appear natural.

During panel, Jade receives praise for having delivered a believable picture for the campaign. Dajana, Duckie, and Ashley also receive encouraging feedback. A couple of the judges comment on Madeline's recurring inconsistency. Melissa's photograph is met by dead silence, and all of the judges agree that it's an extremely unnatural picture. Shanali receives praise when the pictures are reviewed in private one last time during deliberation. Didier comments that no one is going to be able to baby Madeline in real life, and that she needs more confidence.

When the models are called back in, Duckie receives picture of the week. Six other girls are declared safe, while Madeline and Melissa are revealed to be in danger of being eliminated. Madeline is congratulated on having achieved great results the week before, but is scorned for having slowly slipped back into mediocrity. Melissa on the other hand is told that the judges have observed her lack of versatility. Melissa receives a second opportunity, resulting in Madeline's elimination from the competition.

  • First call-out: Duckie Thot
  • Bottom two: Madeline Cowe & Melissa Juratowitch
  • Eliminated: Madeline Cowe
  • Featured photographer: Simon Upton
  • Special guests: Gabby Manning, Julian Watt, Matt O'Brien

Episode 8[edit]

Original airdate: 27 August 2013

Some of the models express the shock they feel after Madeline's elimination at the previous panel. The girls receive a brand new Jen Mail in which Jennifer requests that they prepare to 'bust a move and strike a pose'. Afterwards they are driven to the Sydney Opera House, where Jennifer is waiting for them. She tells the models that they will be given the privilege to be instructed by Amber Scott, a principal artist of The Australian Ballet.

Inside the opera house, Amber explains the parallelisms between modeling and ballet. After the lesson, the girls meet Jennifer back outside. She informs them that their skills will be put to the test the following day, as they will have to star in a mute fashion film for the new flavor range of Mount Franklin's Lightly Sparking Water.

Tempers begin to flare back at home after Ashley tells the girls to quiet down due to her alleged migraine. Melissa has a go at her off camera, and Ashley becomes irritated. Jade comments that Ashley's inability to pull herself together might eventually be her downfall.

On the day of the challenge, the models are introduced to director Alex Goddard and designer Camilla Franks. The girls are each dressed in a Camilla Franks gown that is indicative of a different Mount Franklin Water flavor. The girls also get to work with Jordan and Zac Stenmark for the duration of the challenge.

Flavor Models
Duckie, Jade, Shanali
Ashley, Dajana, Shannon
Abbie, Melissa

After reviewing the final film, Ashley and Abbie are chosen by Alex as the clear-cut standouts. On the day of the photo-shoot, it is revealed that Abbie has been chosen as the challenge winner. She is rewarded with a custom made Samantha Wills jewelry set worth over $1,000. The models are photographed as surfer girls by Zac Handley, and they are challenged to create an image that is representative of Australian beach culture. Despite the cold temperature of the water, Melissa manages to stay focused during her session. Shanali, Abbie, and Duckie, all receive positive feedback for their performances. Ashley is critiqued on the way she approaches performing during a shoot. Dajana initially struggles to get onto a surfboard when asked to, but later manages to get it done. She is complimented for having fit the brief. Jade receives very little critique, but believes that her past performances will be enough to secure her place in the competition.

At panel, Shanali and Abbie receive universal praise from the judges. Jade receives overwhelmingly negative feedback. Duckie receives positive comments from Charlotte and Jennifer. Charlotte, Jennifer, and Didier like Dajana's photo, but Alex states that he heavily dislikes it. Didier notes that Melissa's facial expressions don't vary very much, while Charlotte explains that the picture tells a believable story. Shannon receives encouraging critique from Charlotte. Ashley faces the judges last for her individual critique. Jennifer believes that Ashley failed to fit the brief, and that her picture looks forced. Didier and Alex agree with her, and Ashley begins to cry.

After deliberation, Shanali is awarded best picture. Abbie, Dajana, Duckie, Melissa, and Shannon follow suit, leaving Ashley and Jade as the bottom two. Ashley is called out on her inability to emotionally handle the pressure of the competition, and Jade is reminded that one bad picture is all it takes to be eliminated. Jade's consistently strong performance over the past few weeks enable her to remain in the competition, much like she had predicted, while Ashley is asked to make her way home.

  • First call-out: Shanali Martin
  • Bottom two: Ashley Pogmore & Jade Collins
  • Eliminated: Ashley Pogmore
  • Featured photographer: Zachary Handley
  • Special guests: Amber Scott, Alex Goddard, Camilla Franks

Episode 9[edit]

Original airdate: 3 September 2013

The girls receive a new Jen Mail. In it, they are told to 'shape up' and prepare to have their world turned upside down. Some time later they are driven to House of Yoga Redfern, where they meet Charlotte and yoga instructor Evangeline Yeun for a session of anti gravity yoga. The rationale behind the lesson is that it will teach the girls how to make more dynamic and beautiful poses during photo shoots.

The next morning the girls arrive at a small garden square, which will be the location for their weekly challenge. Alex explains that the models will be confined into a telephone box in pairs of two as they struggle against the clock to re-create looks from the Alex Perry Spring/Summer collection. Whichever girl manages to change the fastest, will become the challenge winner. For having impressed the yoga trainer the most during the lesson, Abbie is given the opportunity to do the challenge twice with the best of her two scores counting most.

Round Models
Abbie & Duckie
Dajana & Shanali
Abbie & Melissa
Jade & Shannon

Abbie, Duckie, Dajana, and Shanali all struggle to lace up their boots while getting dressed. In the heat of anger, Dajana tells Alex that if his clothes were of better quality the laces on his boots wouldn't be frayed. After having managed to make the best time during both of her attempts, Abbie is chosen as the challenge winner. She is allowed to take Duckie with her for high tea at the Langham Hotel in Sydney. Back at home Dajana becomes nervous about whether or not the comment she made during the challenge could get her eliminated.

Later that night, Dider drops by to find out more about the girls. Jade explains that although she was bad as a teenager, a mission to Costa Rica helped her find herself as a person. Shanali and Melissa reveal that they'd never actually had any intention to apply for the show when she did, with the former stating that her mother had encouraged her to attend the auditions. Shannon talks about feeling homesick. Abbie discusses the insecurities she had while she was in school, while Duckie expresses that she would like to live life to the fullest because of her ill sister.

The next day the models meet Didier once again and are introduced to Bronwyn McCahon and Nicole Adolphe, editor and fashion director of Cosmopolitan, respectively. The girls are photographed by Richard Freeman for a multi-page spread that will be published in the magazine. The brief for the shoot is to create dynamic and interesting angles, as the girls will be surrounded by mirrors. Abbie is complimented by Nicole on having worn the clothes well, but is critiqued on her underwhelming facial expressions. Nicole comments on Duckie's great posing, and notes that she doesn't take direction well. Jade and Dajana do extremely well during their sessions. Melissa struggles to fill the space and find strong poses, while Shanali and Shannon both fail to impress.

Bronwyn McCahon sits as guest judge during panel. Abbie and Duckie receive adoration from the judges. Jade receives positive comments from all of the judges, bar Alex. Melissa is castigated for not having created any shapes on set, while Shannon is told that it looks as if she tried too hard. Shanali receives negative feedback for having taken a nosedive from her previously strong performances. Alex requests that Dajana repeat what she said to him during the challenge. Dajana apologizes and clarifies that the comment she'd made earlier contrasts greatly with her work ethic. She receives undivided praise after her photograph is reviewed by the judges.

After deliberation, Dajana is awarded best picture. Duckie, Abbie, Jade, and Melissa follow suit, leaving Shanali and Shannon as the bottom two. After having called them forward Jennifer tells Shanali that the judges are disappointed she hasn't been able to continue with her streak of success. Jennifer critiques Shannon on having allowed her consistency to slip. Shanali receives the last photograph, and Shannon is eliminated.

  • First call-out: Dajana Bogojevic
  • Bottom two: Shanali Martin & Shannon Richardson
  • Eliminated: Shannon Richardson
  • Featured photographer: Richard Freeman
  • Special guests: Evangeline Yeun, Bronwyn McCahon, Nicole Adolphe

Episode 10[edit]

Original airdate: 10 September 2013

  • First call-out: Abbie Weir
  • Bottom Three: Dajana Bogojevic, Duckie Thot & Jade Collins
  • Eliminated: Dajana Bogojevic & Jade Collins
  • Featured Photographer: Georges Antoni

Episode 11[edit]

Original airdate: 17 September 2013

  • First call-out: Shanali Martin
  • Bottom two: Abbie Weir & Duckie Thot
  • Eliminated: Abbie Weir
  • Featured photographer: Jez Smith

Episode 12[edit]

Original airdate: 24 September 2013

  • Final Three: Duckie Thot, Melissa Juratowitch & Shanali Martin
  • Eliminated: Duckie Thot
  • Final two: Melissa Juratowitch & Shanali Martin
  • Australia's Next Top Model: Melissa Juratowitch
  • Featured Photographer: Jez Smith
  • Special guests: Rudimental & Cirque du Soleil


(Ages stated are at time of contest)

Contestant Age Height Hometown Outcome
Chanique Greyling 20 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Newcastle, New South Wales (Originally from South Africa) Eliminated in Episode 2
Taylor Henley 16 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Adelaide, South Australia Eliminated in Episode 3
Rhiannon Bradshaw 19 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Brisbane, Queensland Eliminated in Episode 4
Brooke Hogan 21 1.79 m (5 ft 10 12 in) Melbourne, Victoria Eliminated in Episode 5
April Harvey 18 1.72 m (5 ft 7 12 in) Tweed Heads, New South Wales
Taylah Roberts 17 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Perth, Western Australia Disqualified in Episode 6
Madeline Cowe 20 1.76 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Cairns, Queensland Eliminated in Episode 7
Ashley Pogmore 18 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Sydney, New South Wales Eliminated in Episode 8
Shannon Richardson 17 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in) Gold Coast, Queensland (Originally from South Africa) Eliminated in Episode 9
Jade Collins 20 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Sydney, New South Wales Eliminated in Episode 10
Dajana Bogojevic 17 1.73 m (5 ft 8 in) Queanbeyan, New South Wales
Abbie Weir 17 1.81 m (5 ft 11 12 in) Maclean, New South Wales Eliminated in Episode 11
Nyadak "Duckie" Thot 17 1.77 m (5 ft 9 12 in) Melbourne, Victoria Eliminated in Episode 12
Shanali Martin 16 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in) Melbourne, Victoria Runner-up
Melissa Juratowitch 16 1.72 m (5 ft 7 12 in) Melbourne, Victoria Winner


Call-out Order[edit]

Jennifer's call-out order
Order Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
1 Abbie April Taylah Melissa Melissa Jade Duckie Shanali Dajana Abbie Shanali Shanali Melissa
2 Ashley Brooke Melissa Madeline Jade Madeline Jade Abbie Duckie Shanali Melissa Melissa Shanali
3 Dajana Duckie Duckie Shanali Duckie Ashley Dajana Dajana Abbie Melissa Duckie Duckie
4 Rhiannon Melissa Rhiannon Duckie Shanali Shanali Shanali Duckie Jade Duckie Abbie
5 Taylah Ashley Shannon Ashley Abbie Dajana Shannon Melissa Melissa Dajana
6 Shanali Taylah Jade Taylah Shannon Abbie Ashley Shannon Shanali Jade
7 Chanique Shanali Brooke Jade Madeline Shannon Abbie Jade Shannon
8 Brooke Dajana Dajana Brooke Dajana Duckie Melissa Ashley
9 Taylor Abbie Ashley Shannon Ashley Melissa Madeline
10 Madeline Taylor April April Taylah Taylah
11 Jade Madeline Abbie Dajana April
12 Duckie Rhiannon Shanali Abbie Brooke
13 Shannon Jade Madeline Rhiannon
14 Melissa Shannon Taylor
15 April Chanique
     The contestant was eliminated
     The contestant was disqualified from the competition
     The contestant was part of a collective call-out with another contestant
     The contestant was part of a non-elimination bottom two
     The contestant won the competition
  • In episode 1, the finalists were selected. The top 50 was reduced to a pool of 25 girls, which were in turn reduced to the final 15 contestants.
  • In episode 5, April and Brooke landed in the bottom two. Both of them were eliminated simultaneously with no prior warning.
  • In episode 6, Taylah was disqualified at panel before call-out. As a result, no one was eliminated. Additionally, Jade and Madeline were awarded best picture as a pair.
  • In episode 10, Dajana, Duckie, and Jade landed in the bottom three. Jennifer handed the final photograph to Duckie, eliminating Dajana and Jade.
  • In the live finale, Melissa and Shanali were called through to the final two in no particular order.

Photo Shoot Guide[edit]

  • Episode 1 Photo Shoots: Mugshot Polaroids; Jailbirds in Prison Uniforms (Casting)
  • Episode 2 Photo Shoot: Lost Travelers in Thailand
  • Episode 3 Photo Shoot: Sports Luxe Athletes
  • Episode 4 Photo Shoot: Modern 1950's Housewives
  • Episode 5 Photo Shoot: Calvin Klein Inspired Vintage Lingerie
  • Episode 6 Photo Shoot: Grunge Runaways in the Outback in Pairs
  • Episode 7 Photo Shoot: Glamorous Women for Colgate
  • Episode 8 Photo Shoot: Surfer Women on the Beach
  • Episode 9 Photo Shoot: Mirrored Reflections for Cosmopolitan
  • Episode 10 Photo Shoot: 90's Androgyny in B&W
  • Episode 11 Photo Shoots: Mermaids on the shores of Port Louis; Colorful Designs in a Fishing Village
  • Episode 12 Photo Shoots: Harper's Bazaar Covers and Spreads


  • Abbey: Blonder, Trimmed, Layers and Highlights
  • April: Pixie Cut
  • Ashley: Cut to the collar bone, Highlights
  • Brooke: Cut to the collar bone, Dyed Chocolate Brown
  • Dajana: Cut to the collar bone, Dyed Chocolate Brown
  • Duckie: Shaved, Bleached Blonde (& Pink added temporarily)
  • Shanali: Threaded and Trimmed
  • Shannon: Trimmed, Straightened & Centre Part
  • Jade: Cut to the collar bone & Bangs added
  • Madeline: Cut to the collar bone, Dyed Chocolate Brown
  • Melissa: Trimmed and Colour added
  • Taylah: Blonder, Trimmed, Layers and Highlights



According to, 17 year-old Taylah Roberts was disqualified from the competition because of bullying. Host Jennifer Hawkins said (quote): "I don’t know why but I went into (the show) thinking ‘oh, there won’t be drama, everything will be fine’, but of course there is always drama," she said. "A lot of things have happened in the house and we were dealing with something that hasn't happened before. "It was really intense."[9][10] Hawkins later specified that the cause for disqualification was not bullying, but violence among two of the contestants on the show. She also revealed that Foxtel and the production company requested to have the girl removed from the competition.[11] A Current Affair on Monday highlights showed footage of Taylah choking fellow contestant Ashley Pogmore.[8] This marks the second time a contestant of the series has been called out for her actions. In cycle 4, contestant and winner Demelza Reveley bullied Alamela Rowan which caused problems with the judges and backlash from the media.[12][13] One article on the incident stated that the producers of the show were blowing the incident out of proportion, and that to have the disqualification as a selling point to draw in more viewers was incorrect. It was also noted that while the show claims to take a firm stand against bullying, both of the contestants involved would still receive backlash and be prodded by the public as a result of having the footage being aired on television.[14]

Post Top Model Agencies[edit]

  • Melissa Juratowitch: Has been signed to IMG Models Worldwide and Pride Models Melbourne .[15]
  • Shanali Martin: Has been signed to IMG Models Worldwide.[16]
  • Nyadak "Duckie" Thot: Has been signed to IMG Models Worldwide.[17]
  • Abbie Weir: Has been signed to IMG Models worldwide. She recently modeled for Australian designer Zimmermann's Resort 2015 lookbook.[18][19]
  • Jade Collins: Was briefly signed to IMG Models Australia and is now with London Model Management.[20]
  • Shannon Richardson: Has been signed to Katz Model Management and eMg Models Sydney.[21]
  • Ashley Pogmore: Has been signed to IMG Models Worldwide.[22]
  • Brooke Hogan: Has been signed to Viviens Model Management.[23]
  • April Harvey: Has been signed to eMg Models Sydney.
  • Rhiannon Bradshaw: Has been signed to Ford Models.[24]
  • Madeline Cowe: Has been signed to London Mgt Group Sydney.[25]


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