Australian one-pound note

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One Pound
Value 1 Australian pounds
Width 156 mm
Height 81 mm
Security features Thread Watermark
Paper type Cotton
Years of printing 1910–1965
AUS-4d-Commonwealth of Australia-One Pound (1918).jpg
Design date 1913[nb 1]
Design date 1913

The one pound note was the most prevalent bankote in circulation with the pound series, with the last series of 1953-66 having 1,066 million banknotes printed.Template:Renniks 2000 p.149 The first banknotes issued were superscribed notes purchased from 15 banks across Australia and printed with Australian Note and were payable in gold.


  1. ^ The pictured note is part of the 1913 Second Issue (1913–18). Based on the authorizing signatures (C.J. Cerutti and J.R. Collins) the note was issued in 1918.[1]


Preceded by
One pound note (British)
Australian 1 pound note (section)
Succeeded by
Two Dollar Note (Australian)

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