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Australian Army Recruit Training is the rigorous course of physical and mental training required in order for an individual to become a soldier in the Australian Army, including the Australian Army Reserve. Currently, all Australian Army Recruit Training takes place at the Army Recruit Training Centre (ARTC) which is located within Blamey Barracks, about 9.5 km south-west of Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. Previously. Army Reserve recruit training took place at bases all over Australia.[citation needed] The course is of 80 days duration in the case of the Regular Army Recruit Course, and 28 days for the Reserve Recruit Course.


The aim of recruit training as given by the ARTC website is "To qualify the maximum number of entrants to the Australian Army to the required standards in core military knowledge and skills, and to develop, in them, soldierly qualities." This is then divided into three parts which are:

  1. to enable recruits to achieve the competencies required to commence Initial Employment Training (IET);
  2. to inculcate soldierly qualities including: a will to win, dedication to duty, honour, compassion and honesty, mateship and teamwork, loyalty, and physical and moral courage; and
  3. to motivate recruits towards developing a military career.


The requirements to start training are:

  • Be of Australian citizen or have the proven ability to obtain full citizenship
  • Between the age of 17 and 60 years old (However those who are at least 16 years and 6 months old can begin their application)
  • Passes in year 10 Maths and English or higher
  • Completed aptitude test
  • Cleared by medical examination
  • Cleared by psychological testing
  • Cleared by defense recruitment interview
  • Clean criminal history to be able to obtain a security clearance
  • Be able to perform 15 push-ups (8 for females)
  • Be able to perform 45 sit-ups
  • Be able to run 7.5 on a 20 m beep test

Daily schedule[edit]

A typical day generally follows this schedule:

Time Activity Description
0600 Reveille Wake up
0600-0615 Personal Hygiene Perform personal morning tasks
0615-0630 Barrack Maintenance
0630-0700 Breakfast
0700-0730 Barrack and Uniform Inspection
0730-1200 Training Begin the day's scheduled training exercises
1200–1230 Lunch
1230-1700 Training
1700–1730 Dinner
1730-2130 Training
2130–2200 Night routine Lights out

Training overview[edit]

Recruit training is the same for male and female entrants (with the exception of Physical Fitness Standards). All recruits receive instruction in physical training, weapon handling, shooting, first aid, drill and fieldcraft.


Throughout the course, fieldcraft is one of the essential skills taught to all recruits. It includes:

  1. how to use issued military equipment
  2. how to set up a section and platoon harbour
  3. fire and movement
  4. camouflage and concealment

Marksmanship training[edit]

Recruits receive instruction on all aspects of firearms starting from the basic principles of shooting then elaborates with the finer points of the application of fire. They are shown the impact and firepower of different weapon systems at close hand on a 25-metre (82 ft) range. All recruits are required to pass a series of live fire practices during their course.

Physical training[edit]

Integrated into the 80 day program are 39 PT sessions. The primary focus of recruit PT is skill acquisition and education.

Navigation training[edit]

Recruits are taught how to navigate cross-country during day and night, using such equipment as a map, protractor and compass. Recruits are given theory lessons on the aspects of navigation and then they apply the knowledge that they have received in a practical navigation scenario.

Regular Army Recruit Course training[edit]

This 80 day course is grouped into fortnightly programs entitled:

  1. mateship and teamwork
  2. physical and moral courage
  3. dedication to duty
  4. compassion and honesty
  5. will to win and loyalty and honour

Discharge from basic training[edit]

A recruit can be only be discharged from the training after they have completed 21 days, or if there is a medical reason which prevents them continuing.

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