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The Australian Cartoonists' Association is the Australian professional cartoonists' organisation and was established on 17 July 1924 as the Society of Australian Black and White Artists.

It soon became The Black and White Artists Society; and, by 1938,its name had been changed to The Black and White Artists Club.[1] By 1939, it had a sketching division and an etching division.[2]

First clubrooms[edit]

The Association's first clubrooms were at 250 George Street, Sydney.[3]

Founding members[edit]

Founding members were Reg Russom, Unk White, Syd Nicholls, Jack Quayle, John Wiseman, Jack Baird, Joe Jonsson, Cyril Samuels, Frank Jessop, Brodie Mack, Mick Paul, Harry J Weston, Jack Waring, Syd Miller, Arthur Mailey, F H Cumberworth, Fred Knowles and Cecil Hartt, who was elected president.[4]

Other notable members[edit]

Hall of Fame[edit]

Stanley Awards[edit]

The ACA's ultimate credit to a cartoonist is the annual Stanley Award (named for Stan Cross) who was a longtime president.[1]

Main article: Stanley Award

Jim Russell Award[edit]

The Silver Stanley award is now known as the Jim Russell Award and is awarded to a cartoonist for services to the cartooning industry.[5] The Jim Russell Award Formerly the Silver Stanley for Contribution to Australian Black & White Art, this award is made to the individual or organization who in the opinion of the ACA Board has made a significant contribution to Australian cartooning.

Previous recipients have included:


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