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The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) was set up by the Council of Australian Governments through the Ministerial Council on Energy in 2005. The AEMC has two roles in relation to national energy markets - as rule maker and as a provider of advice to Ministers on how best to develop energy markets over time. The AEMC actively considers market development when it considers rule change proposals, policy advice and energy market reviews.

The Australian Energy Regulator enforces these rules that the Australian energy market is to abide by.

The Ministerial Council on Energy established the commission in July 2005, under the Australian Energy Market Commission Establishment Act 2004. The Commission includes one full-time and two part-time Commissioners. Two Commissioners are appointed by the participating State and Territory jurisdictions and one is appointed by the Commonwealth.

In 2008, the AEMC completed a review of Victoria's and South Australia's retail gas and electricity markets.[1][2] In both states it was found that competition in the market was adequate for deregulation. The authority is also involved in inter-regional electricity prices and access issues.

The National Gas (South Australia) Act 2008 introduced the National Gas Law (NGL) which commenced in all jurisdictions except Western Australia on 1 July 2008 (replacing the Gas Pipelines Access Law). The National Gas Rules covering gas transmission and distribution in all Australian jurisdictions are to be developed and maintained by the AEMC. The AEMC is responsible for Rule making, market development and policy advice concerning access to natural gas pipelines services and elements of the broader natural gas markets. This is narrower in scope than for the National Electricity Market.

Since its establishment, the AEMC Commissioners have been:

  • Dr John Tamblyn - Chairman and Commissioner (2005-2010);
  • Professor Ian Woodward - Commissioner; Chairman of AEMC Audit Committee; Chair Reliability Panel (2005 - 2010);
  • Ms Liza Carver - Commissioner (2005 - 2008);
  • Mr John Ryan - Acting Commissioner (2008 - 2009);
  • Mr Neville Henderson - Commissioner, Chair Reliability Panel (Appointed 2009);
  • Mr John Pierce - Chairman and Commissioner (Appointed 2010);
  • Dr Brian Spalding - Commissioner (Appointed 2010).

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