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The Australian Esperanto Association (AEA) is a national body promoting the international auxiliary language Esperanto in Australia.

Summer school[edit]

The AEA hosts a summer school of Esperanto for one or two weeks each year. Classes are arranged for beginners, intermediate, and fluent speakers of the language. The summer school usually occurs in January and everybody is cordially invited to participate.

Correspondence courses[edit]

The AEA also runs its own correspondence courses in Esperanto. Courses are available in several levels, ranging from total beginners, through to experts who wish to polish their Esperanto grammar. Courses are relatively inexpensive, and include textbooks, dictionaries and CDs to help you learn and practise the language, as well as private tutors.

Official exams[edit]

The AEA continuously develops and administers an official Esperanto examination system, intended to officially test and certify linguistic proficiency in Esperanto. The system is composed of 3 separate tests: Elementa (basic), Supera (intermediate) and Klereca (advanced). Successful completion of one of these tests is sometimes a pre-requisite to receiving scholarships, or entering specific courses.

The official examinations of the AEA are made available to all during the Australian Esperanto Summer School, as well as throughout the year through specially appointed representatives in various local Esperanto organisations throughout the country. The entire examination system is overseen by the AEA Chief Examiner - currently Trevor Steele, a renowned Esperanto author, and member of the Academy of Esperanto.


The official journal of the Australian Esperanto Association is 'Esperanto Sub La Suda Kruco' (ESK). ESK is available both in printed as well as electronic (pdf) format, and is sent out bi-monthly to every member of the Association.

Non-members can also subscribe to ESK via the AEA's bookshop website.


The Australian Esperanto Association has its own official podcast, named Tuj! New episodes are made available monthly, and can be downloaded from the Tuj website or subscribed to via the iTunes Music Store.

Esperanto is also broadcast for one hour every Monday at 1 p.m. by the Melbourne ethnic community radio 3ZZZ.

Book service[edit]

The bookshop of the AEA, formerly run by volunteers at the Esperanto House of Sydney, is currently being run from Tasmania.


The AEA runs its own online forums, where friendly discussion about Esperanto and its movement is encouraged. The forum is open to both members and non-members alike, as well as Esperanto and English-speakers alike - and navigation is available in several languages.


The Australian Esperanto Association publishes in its website a list of local Esperanto clubs and organisations in Australia.

Statewide organisations exist in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, and in Tasmania.

Local Esperanto groups,clubs and societies exist in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Warwick, Manly, Newcastle, Oakey and Central Coast.

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