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Australian Graduate School of Management
Australian Graduate School of Management Logo.jpg
Established 1977
Location Sydney, Australia
Affiliations University of New South Wales
Website [3]

The Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM) is part of the UNSW Australia Business School (formerly known as Australian School of Business) at the University of NSW based in Sydney, that focuses on Management Education and Leadership Development for those with professional work experience.

The AGSM MBA Program was recently ranked as the leading full-time MBA program in Australia and 62nd in the world in the Financial Times (UK) 2014 ranking of the top 100 MBA programs globally.

In June 2014, Professor Julie Cogin was appointed as the first female Director of AGSM in its 38-year history. Professor Cogin replaced Professor Chris Styles who was elevated to Dean of the Business School.


The AGSM MBA is recognised as one of the highest ranked MBA programs in Australia and is consistently featured as one of the top 100 international business schools in independent national and international ranking surveys. [1][2][3]

• #1 MBA Program in Australia, Financial Times (UK) 2014,2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007

• #62 MBA Program in the world, Financial Times (UK) 2014

• #1 MBA Program in Australia and Asia, Forbes bi-annual survey 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007

• #1 MBA (Executive) Program in Australia, Financial Times (UK) 2001-2007

• First Australian business school to receive AACSB accreditation

• #4 in Asia Pacific in the 2010 QS Global 200 Business Schools Report[4]


The AGSM offers a full-time MBA program in Sydney which generally takes 16 months to complete, a part-time AGSM EMBA program throughout Australia, a part-time AGSM EMBA in Hong Kong, an AGSM Graduate Certificate in Change Management, an AGSM Master of Business & Technology (MBT), and a range of executive education programs.

Campus and Facilities[edit]

The main campus is located at the University of New South Wales in Randwick, a suburb of Sydney. The AGSM Building houses teaching facilities, AGSM admissions and administration staff and student facilities such as a common room, computer labs and syndicate rooms. It also has accommodation facilities for students in the part-time program and for visitors. Students also have access to the facilities of the UNSW Business School on the same campus which include additional teaching and study spaces. The University Library houses various books, journals and other useful academic resources. AGSM also has a central Sydney city campus where executive education programs and training are delivered. There are satellite facilities in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

Student body[edit]

The full-time MBA program has one cohort per year with 50+ students. The student body organizes ten clubs focusing on disciplines such as marketing, finance, corporate social responsibility and entrepreneurship. The part-time program has approximately 1,000 students at any point in time at varying stages of completion of their degree.


In 1977, the University of New South Wales (UNSW), with federal government resources, established the AGSM as New South Wales' second school of postgraduate management studies.[5] In January 1999, the AGSM and the Graduate School of Business of the University of Sydney merged under the AGSM brand. In November 2005, the universities demerged their business schools and the AGSM reverted to wholly UNSW ownership.[6]

One year later, UNSW merged the AGSM with the UNSW Faculty of Commerce and Economics, creating the UNSW Business School (formerly Australian School of Business) (for a brief period, the new faculty was called the Faculty of Business).[7] UNSW's Vice Chancellor, Fred Hilmer, appointed Alec Cameron to manage the integration of the AGSM with the UNSW Faculty of Commerce and Economics.[8] Following the integration, the Vice Chancellor inducted Alec Cameron as the dean of the new school.[9]

In mid-2007, the faculties physically combined, and moved into UNSW's newly renovated Heffron Building, which UNSW renamed the UNSW Business School Building.

In 2011 Professor Chris Styles was appointed as Deputy Dean and Director AGSM and the Master of Business & Technology program was added to AGSM offering.

2014 saw the appointment of AGSM's first female director, Professor Julie Cogin.

Notable alumni[edit]

There are over 12,500 alumni of the AGSM MBA and MBT programs.[10] Notable alumni include

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