Australia women's national rugby league team

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Badge of Australia team
Nickname The Jillaroos
Governing body Australian Rugby League Commission
Region Asia-Pacific
Head coach Steve Folkes
Captain Steph Hancock
Most caps Tahnee Norris
RLIF ranking 1st

The Australia women's national rugby league team, also known as the Australian Jillaroos, represents Australia in Women's rugby league. They are administered by the Australian Rugby League Commission and Australian Women's Rugby League.

The Australian Jillaroos won the Women's Rugby League World Cup in 2013 after coming second in three consecutive World Cups.[1][2]


Early years[edit]


For more details on this topic, see List of Australian Jillaroos team players.
  • Latisha Gary - Caboulture JRLFC
  • Tegan Rolfe - Mackay Magpies JRLFC
  • Erin Elliott - West Centenary JRLFC
  • Suzanne Johnson - West Centenary JRLFC
  • Ali Briggenshaw - Souths Logan JRLFC
  • Renae Kunst - Souths Logan JRLFC
  • Nive Moefaauo - Logan Brothers JRLFC
  • Jo Barrett - West Centenary JRLFC
  • Tahnee Norris (C) - West Centenary JRLFC
  • Tracy Bailey - West Centenary JRLFC
  • Sam Beasant - Sunshine Coast Sirens JRLFC
  • Heather Ballinger - Cairns JRLFC
  • Ashley Alcom - Forestville Ferrets
  • Lisa Fiaola (VC) - Forestville Ferrets
  • Poi Clarke - East Campbelltown JRLFC
  • Kylie Hilder - Forestville Ferrets
  • Farlene Wineera - East Campbelltown JRLFC
  • Elianna Walton - Canley Heights JRLFC
  • Teina Clarke - East Campbelltown JRLFC
  • Sonia Mosie - Canley Heights JRLFC
  • Lacey Shields - Newtown Jetettes
  • Jess Palmer - Forestville Ferrets


The current coach of the Australian team is Steve Folkes. Previous coaches have included Paul Dyer and Graham Murray.




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