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Australian Bush Flower Essences ® are a complementary therapy derived from flowers and plants, generally but not exclusively Australian. They are similar to Bach flower remedies, which came earlier, and are a further development of that form of therapy.

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The Australian Bush Flower Essences ® were developed by Australian Naturopath and 5th Generation Herbalist, Ian White B.Sc.,N.D.,D.B.M. White began working in Sydney, New South Wales as a naturopath and took an interest in using the English Bach Flower Remedies.[1] He considered the possibility of using Australian flowers in the same way. White has stated that the idea of Australian Bush Flower Essences came to him while attending a weekly healing and meditation circle with friends. After a couple of months in this group, guidance on the Australian Bush Flower Essences started coming through to him - in the form of mental images of a particular plant, its botanical name, a place where he could find this flower, knowledge of its healing properties and how to prepare it as a flower essence. He felt he was given an understanding of the healing properties of the plant; if he was unfamiliar with a plant, its name would appear beneath the image in his mind. He would then go out and prepare the essence from that plant.[2]

In this way, White kept preparing flower essences until there were fifty of them, which he then used in his naturopathic practice to validate the intuitive qualities he was given. His conclusions were taken up by other practitioners, who also began using the Essences. Their documented case histories began to build an extensive body of work in the form of complementary medicine. White has continued developing more Essences; to date there are 69 individual remedies and over 30 years of documented case studies.


Professor Edzard Ernst states that all the available randomised trials show that flower essences "have no clinical effects beyond placebo". Trials have centred on the Bach flower remedies.[3]

Preparation and Use[edit]

The Australian Bush Flower Essences are prepared in a similar way as the Bach flower remedies. [4]

Normal treatment then consists of taking seven drops in the morning and seven drops at night for two to four weeks. (This differs slightly from the Bach remedies, in which the normal treatment is four drops 4x daily.) [5]

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