Australian federal election, 1922

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Australian federal election, 1922
1919 ←
16 December 1922 (1922-12-16)
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All 75 seats in the Australian House of Representatives
38 seats were needed for a majority in the House
19 (of the 36) seats in the Australian Senate
  First party Second party CharltonPEO.jpg
Leader Billy Hughes Matthew Charlton
Party Nationalist/Country coalition Labor
Leader since 14 November 1916 16 May 1922
Leader's seat Bendigo Hunter
Last election 37 seats 26 seats
Seats won 40 seats 29 seats
Seat change Increase3 Increase3

Prime Minister before election

Billy Hughes
Nationalist/Country coalition

Resulting Prime Minister

Billy Hughes
Nationalist/Country coalition

Federal elections were held in Australia on 16 December 1922. All 75 seats in the House of Representatives, and 19 of the 36 seats in the Senate were up for election. The incumbent Nationalist Party of Australia led by Prime Minister of Australia Billy Hughes lost its majority. However, the opposition Australian Labor Party led by Matthew Charlton did not take office as the Nationalists sought a coalition with the Country Party led by Earle Page, but the Country Party made Hughes's resignation the price for joining. Hughes was replaced by Stanley Bruce.

House of Reps (IRV) — 1922–25—Turnout 59.36% (Non-CV) — Informal 4.51%
  Party Votes % Swing Seats Change
  Australian Labor Party 665,145 42.30 −0.19 29 +3 (1 elected
  Nationalist Party of Australia 553,920 35.23 −9.85 26 −11 (2 elected
  Country Party 197,513 12.56 +3.30 14 +3 (1 elected
  Liberal Party (SA, VIC) 73,939 4.70 * 5 +5 (1 elected
  Independents 71,674 4.56 +3.09 1 −1
  Other 10,323 0.66 0 0
  Total 1,572,514     75
  Nationalist/Country coalition WIN 40 +3
  Australian Labor Party 29 0

Independents: William Watson (Fremantle, WA)

Senate (P BV) — 1922–25—Turnout 57.99% (Non-CV) — Informal 9.44%
  Party Votes % Swing Seats Won Seats Held
  Australian Labor Party 715,219 45.70 +2.86 11 12
  Nationalist Party of Australia 567,084 36.23 −10.16 8 24
  Country Party 203,267 12.99 +4.20 0 0
  Liberal Party (SA) 43,706 2.79 * 0 0
  Independents 31,998 2.04 +0.53 0 0
  Other 3,813 0.24 0 0
  Total 1,565,087     19 36

Seats changing hands[edit]

Seat Pre-1922 Swing Post-1922
Party Member Margin Margin Member Party
Adelaide, SA   Nationalist Reginald Blundell 0.8 8.0 3.6 Edwin Yates Labor  
Balaclava, Vic   Nationalist William Watt N/A 100.0 100.0 William Watt Liberal  
Barker, SA   Nationalist John Livingston N/A N/A 2.3 Malcolm Cameron Liberal  
Barton, NSW   Nationalist notional - new seat N/A 13.8 7.6 Frederick McDonald Labor  
Boothby, SA   Nationalist William Story N/A N/A 4.7 Jack Duncan-Hughes Liberal  
Calare, NSW   Labor Thomas Lavelle 2.3 8.5 5.3 Neville Howse Nationalist  
Darwin, Tas   Nationalist George Bell 4.0 N/A 0.4 Joshua Whitsitt Country  
Denison, Tas   Nationalist William Laird Smith 3.9 4.3 0.4 David O'Keefe Labor  
Fremantle, WA   Nationalist Reginald Burchell N/A 56.9 6.9 William Watson Independent  
Gippsland, Vic   Nationalist George Wise 5.2 18.1 12.9 Thomas Paterson Country  
Grey, SA   Nationalist Alexander Poynton 1.8 5.5 3.7 Andrew Lacey Labor  
Henty, Vic   Independent Frederick Francis 2.9 8.7 5.8 Frederick Francis Nationalist  
Kalgoorlie, WA   Nationalist George Foley 1.4 7.1 7.4 Albert Green Labor  
Kooyong, Vic   Nationalist Robert Best 14.3 14.9 0.6 John Latham Liberal  
Macquarie, NSW   Labor Samuel Nicholls 3.2 0.6 0.2 Arthur Manning Nationalist  
New England, NSW   Nationalist Alexander Hay* 7.3 N/A 8.5 Victor Thompson Country  
Northern Territory, NT new division 0.4 H. G. Nelson Labor  
Richmond, NSW   Nationalist Walter Massy-Greene 22.5 24.0 3.3 Roland Green Country  
Riverina, NSW   Nationalist John Chanter N/A 54.3 4.3 William Killen Country  
Wakefield, SA   Nationalist Richard Foster N/A N/A 5.3 Richard Foster Liberal  
Wannon, Vic   Nationalist Arthur Rodgers 4.1 4.9 0.8 John McNeill Labor  
Wilmot, Tas   Nationalist Llewellyn Atkinson 10.2 N/A 11.2 Llewellyn Atkinson Country  
  • Members in italics did not contest their seat at this election.
  • *Alexander Hay contested his seat as an independent

Post-election pendulum[edit]

Nationalist/Country coalition
Macquarie (NSW) Neville Howse NAT 00.2
Darwin (Tas) Joshua Whitsitt CP 00.4 v NAT
Corio (Vic) John Lister NAT 00.8
Bendigo (Vic) Geoffry Hurry NAT 01.7
Herbert (Qld) Fred Bamford NAT 01.7
Brisbane (Qld) Donald Charles Cameron NAT 02.0
Richmond (NSW) Roland Green CP 03.3
Oxley (Qld) James Bayley NAT 03.3
Bass (Tas) David Jackson NAT 03.6
Corangamite (Vic) William Gibson CP 03.9
Riverina (NSW) William Killen CP 04.3
Lang (NSW) Elliot Johnson NAT 04.4
Maranoa (Qld) James Hunter CP 04.4
Calare (NSW) Neville Howse NAT 05.3
Flinders (Vic) Stanley Bruce NAT 05.6 v LIB
Henty (Vic) Frederick Francis NAT 05.8 v NAT
Fairly safe
Franklin (Tas) Alfred Seabrook NAT 06.3
Fawkner (Vic) George Maxwell NAT 08.0
North Sydney (NSW) Billy Hughes NAT 08.2 v Const.
New England (NSW) Victor Thompson CP 08.5
Darling Downs (Qld) Littleton Groom NAT 08.6
Perth (WA) Edward Mann NAT 08.9
Moreton (Qld) Josiah Francis NAT 09.5
Wide Bay (Qld) Edward Corser NAT 10.5
Eden-Monaro (NSW) Austin Chapman NAT 11.1
Wilmot (Tas) Llewellyn Atkinson CP 11.2
Robertson (NSW) Sydney Gardner NAT 11.8
Parkes (NSW) Charles Marr NAT 11.8
Wentworth (NSW) Walter Marks NAT 11.9
Gippsland (Vic) Thomas Paterson CP 12.9 v NAT
Indi (Vic) Robert Cook CP 13.2
Lilley (Qld) George Mackay NAT 15.2 v IND
Parramatta (NSW) Eric Bowden NAT 15.4
Cowper (NSW) Earle Page CP 17.3 v NAT
Very safe
Echuca (Vic) William Hill CP 20.3 v NAT
Wimmera (Vic) Percy Stewart CP 21.2 v IND
Forrest (WA) John Prowse CP 29.5 v NAT
Martin (NSW) Herbert Pratten NAT unopposed
Swan (WA) Henry Gregory CP unopposed
Warringah (NSW) Granville Ryrie NAT unopposed
Australian Labor Party and Liberal Party
Gwydir (NSW) Lou Cunningham ALP 00.1 v CP
Northern Territory (NT) H. G. Nelson ALP 00.4 v IND
Denison (Tas) David O'Keefe ALP 00.4
Kooyong (Vic) John Latham LIB 00.6 v NAT
Wannon (Vic) John McNeill ALP 00.8
Ballaarat (Vic) Charles McGrath ALP 01.7
Barker (SA) Malcolm Cameron LIB 02.3 v ALP
Capricornia (Qld) Frank Forde ALP 02.5
Batman (Vic) Frank Brennan ALP 03.3
Adelaide (SA) Edwin Yates ALP 03.6 v LIB
Grey (SA) Andrew Lacey ALP 03.7
Werriwa (NSW) Bert Lazzarini ALP 03.9
Boothby (SA) Jack Duncan-Hughes LIB 04.7 v ALP
Hume (NSW) Parker Moloney ALP 04.9
Wakefield (SA) Richard Foster LIB 05.3 v ALP
Fairly safe
Kalgoorlie (WA) Albert Green ALP 07.4
Barton (NSW) Frederick McDonald ALP 07.6
Angas (SA) Moses Gabb ALP 08.0 v LIB
Reid (NSW) Percy Coleman ALP 08.6
East Sydney (NSW) John West ALP 09.1
Kennedy (Qld) Charles McDonald ALP 11.6
South Sydney (NSW) Edward Riley ALP 11.7
Maribyrnong (Vic) James Fenton ALP 13.2
Darling (NSW) Arthur Blakeley ALP 15.1
Hindmarsh (SA) Norman Makin ALP 18.6
Newcastle (NSW) David Watkins ALP 19.4
Very safe
Bourke (Vic) Frank Anstey ALP 20.1
Dalley (NSW) William Mahony ALP 20.9
Melbourne Ports (Vic) James Mathews ALP 23.1
Cook (NSW) Edward Charles Riley ALP 24.9
West Sydney (NSW) William Lambert ALP 25.4 v IND
Melbourne (Vic) William Maloney ALP 27.2
Yarra (Vic) James Scullin ALP 28.0
Balaclava (Vic) William Watt LIB unopposed
Hunter (NSW) Matthew Charlton ALP unopposed
Fremantle (WA) William Watson IND 06.9 v ALP

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