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Australian whisky
Type Single malt whisky
Country of origin Australia

Australian whisky is whisky produced in Australia. As of 2012, there were 18 licensed whisky distillers in the whole country, all of them opened since 1992.[1]

Australia's largest concentration of whisky distilleries is found on the island state of Tasmania.[1] These distilleries are better known in other parts of the world than in their own country.[2] All of them are very small producers.[3]

As of 2014, there were nine separate whisky distilleries in Tasmania, with three more due to open by the following year.[4] The best known distilleries in Tasmania are Lark, Sullivans Cove, Nant and Overeem.[5] Lark, founded in 1992, is the oldest distillery in the state,[6] and Sullivans Cove, established in 1994, is the second oldest.[7]

Most Tasmanian whisky distillers use malt obtained from one of the local brewers, either Cascade, the oldest continually operating brewer in Australia, or newer craft brewers Moo Brew.

In 2014, Sullivan's Cove French Oak Cask (named after Sullivans Cove) was given the World Whiskies Award for the world's best single malt whisky.[2] It was the first time a distillery outside Scotland or Japan had won the award.[8][9]

Other Australian whisky distillers include the Great Southern Distilling Company, which produces Limeburners single malt in Albany, Western Australia,[1][10] Starward in Essendon, a suburb of Melbourne,[11] and Timboon Railway Shed Distillery in Timboon, in southwest Victoria.[1]

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