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Austria Austria Österreich
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FIBA ranking T-88th
Joined FIBA 1934
FIBA zone FIBA Europe
National federation ÖBV
Coach Werner Sallomon
Olympic Games
Appearances None
FIBA World Cup
Appearances None
Appearances 6
Medals None
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Team colours
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Team colours

The Austrian national basketball team is the basketball side that represents Austria in international competitions. It is administered by the Austrian Basketball Federation.[1]

Austria qualified for the EuroBasket six times, reaching the 11th place in 1947 and 1951 for their best performance. Until 1977, Austria was one of Europe's major teams in terms of qualifications to major events. Since then, they have declined. Today, they aim to return and qualify for the Olympic Basketball Tournament or the Basketball World Championship finals.


Eurobasket 1947[edit]

Austria first competed in the European championship at Eurobasket 1947, placing 12th of 14 teams. Initially, they struggled and lost both of their preliminary round games and the first semifinal round game. Then, they defeated Albania to place second in group and set up a match against the Netherlands for 11th and 12th place, which Austria lost after a long battle.

Eurobasket 1951[edit]

The Austrians appeared again at Eurobasket 1951 in Paris. They were eliminated from championship contention after finishing 1–3 in pool play and 4th in their group. They won all three of their first round classification games, however, advancing to the 9–12 classification semifinals. A loss to the Netherlands but a win over West Germany gave Austria 11th place of the 18 teams.

Eurobasket 1955[edit]

Austria's appearance at Eurobasket 1955 in Budapest began with a 2–2 showing in preliminary round play. This was good enough for third rank in the pool, and Austria was bumped to classification play. There, they were able to win only 1 of 4 games (the win coming against West Germany), placing 4th of the 5 teams in the group. Playing against Luxembourg and then Switzerland in classification 13–16 playoffs, Austria won both games to finish 13th of 18 teams.

Eurobasket 1957[edit]

In Sofia for the Eurobasket 1957 competition, Austria was defeated thrice in the preliminary round. Their 0–3 record put them last in their group and sent them to the classification pool. They won 2 games there, finishing 2–5 to take an overall 14th place in the 16-team tournament.

Later years[edit]

Austria went on to qualify to the EuroBasket twice but did not repeat its strong showings in 1951 and 1955. Today, it aims to return to former success.

Head coaches[edit]

  • Austria Hubert Schreiner
  • Croatia/Austria Neno Asceric – 2008–2012
  • Austria Werner Sallomon – 2013–present

Competitive record[edit]

Past rosters[edit]

1947 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 14 teams

Herbert Haselbacher, Richard Pollak, Walter Ledl, Hans Zsak, Hans Bohman, Franz Gluck, Schmidt, Vostatek, Schreiweis, Eder, Ganglberger, Paulin, Pitsch

1951 EuroBasket: finished 11th among 17 teams

Herbert Haselbacher, Walter Ledl, Ewald Polansky, Richard Pollak, Hans Zsak, Felix Schober, Peter Vecernik, Hans Bohman, Franz Gluck, Praschl, Puschner, Binder (Coach: Miodrag Stefanovic)

1955 EuroBasket: finished 13th among 18 teams

Peter Vecernik, Alfred Probst, Karl Thiering, Oskar Doppes, Ewald Polansky, Karl Privoznik, Hackl, Karall, Machek, Schurer, Schmidt, Brousek, Gebhardt, Baczinsky (Coach: Janos Gerdov)

1957 EuroBasket: finished 14th among 16 teams

Ewald Polansky, Karl Thiering, Friedrich Walz, Alfred Probst, Herwig Schon, Schurer, Vranitzky, Waldingbrett, Grohs, Karall, Brousek, Waschkau (Coach: Herbert Haselbacher)

1959 EuroBasket: finished 16th among 17 teams

Oskar Doppes, Ewald Polansky, Herwig Schon, Ernst Tutschek, Karl Privoznik, Walter Ledl, Karl Thiering, Alfred Probst, Peter Kotas, Franz Havlicek, Friedrich Walz, Heinz Vybiral (Coach: Herbert Haselbacher)

1977 EuroBasket: finished 12th among 12 teams

Helmut Zimmel, Walter Fuchs, Peter Wolf, Herbert Haselbacher, Wolfgang Vlk, Friedrich Miklas, Peter Bilik, Peter Poiger, Herbert Watzke, Bernhard Slavicek, Erich Tecka, Werner Meisinger (Coach: Jan Hluchy)

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