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The Austrian State Prize is an award given annually or biennially in various artistic fields for excellence by younger and middle-aged artists. The State Prize is currently (2012) worth €8,000.

The categories are:[1]

Fine arts (first award in 1989)
Artistic Photography (first award in 1981)
Video and media art (first award in 2008)
Cartoon and Comics (biennial award, first award in 2008)
Experimental trends in architecture (biennial award, first award in 1988)
Experimental Design (biennial award, first award in 1989)
Performing Arts (first award in 2010)
Music (first award in 1950)
Film (first award in 1979)
Literature (first award in 1950)
Children's Literature (biennial award, first award in 1996)
Current annual themes (first award in 2003)


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