Austrian presidential election, 1980

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Presidential Elections were held in Austria on 18 May 1980. Incumbent president Rudolf Kirchschläger was re-elected with a landslide of 79.9% of the votes, being support by both major Austrian Parties: the ruling Socialist Party of Austria and the opposition Austrian People's Party.[1] The competing candidates were Wilfried Gredler of the Freedom Party of Austria and Norbert Burger of the later prohibited National Democratic Party.[2]


e • d Summary of the 18 May 1980 Austrian presidential election results
Candidates and affiliated parties 1st round
Votes %
Rudolf Kirchschläger Independent 3,538,748 79.9%
Wilfried Gredler Freedom Party of Austria 751,400 16.9%
Norbert Burger National Democratic Party 140,741 3.2%
Total 4,430,889 100%
Spoilt and null votes 348,165 7.3%
Votes cast / turnout 4,779,054 91.6%
Electorate 5,215,875
Source: Austrian ministry of Interior


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