Austrian presidential election, 1992

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In the Austrian presidential election of 1992, incumbent Kurt Waldheim did not seek reelection, since he did not gain acceptance in the international community.

The strongest party at that time, the Austrian Social Democratic Party, proposed the current minister of traffic and nationalized industries, Rudolf Streicher, for the office, while the Austrian People's Party put up career diplomat Thomas Klestil. Streicher won the first ballot by a small margin, but did not obtain the necessary majority of votes to avoid a second round. However, with the candidates of the smaller parties out in the second ballot, and after a recommendation by Jörg Haider to vote for Klestil, the latter won the second round by an unexpectedly wide margin.

Election results[edit]

e • d Summary of the 26 April and 24 May 1992 Austrian presidential election results
Candidates and affiliated parties 1st round 2nd round
Votes % Votes %
Thomas Klestil Non-partisan 1,728,234 37.2% 2,528,006 56.9%
Rudolf Streicher Social Democratic Party of Austria 1,888,599 40.7% 1,915,380 41.1%
Heide Schmidt Freedom Party of Austria 761,390 16.4%
Robert Jungk Green Party 266,954 5.7%
Total 4,645,177 100% 4,443,386 100%
Valid votes 4,645,177 97% 4,443,386 96.7%
Spoilt and null votes 143,717 3% 149,546 3.3%
Votes cast / turnout 4,789,894 84.4% 4,592,932 80.9%
Electorate 5,676,903 5,676,903
† endorsed by Austrian People's Party
Source: Austrian ministry of Interior, detailed Results