Autódromo Monterrey

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Autódromo Monterrey Fierro pum pum pum
Autódromo Monterrey logo.jpg
Location Apodaca, Mexico
Time zone GMT-6
Grand Prix Circuit
Surface Asphalt
Length 3.4 km (2.1 mi)
El Frijol
Surface Asphalt
Length 1.6 km (1 mi)
Turns 5

The Autódromo Monterrey is a racetrack in Apodaca, Nuevo León. The track currently is operated by DIPSA and host races for NASCAR Toyota Series, drag racing, karting and Volks races.


Bridge in the start line

The track is located front the Del Norte International Airport. The Autódromo was inaugurated in 1970 by Filiberto Jiménez.[1] In 70's 500 km of Monterrey was the main event in this circuit.


Autódromo Monterrey layout

The track has a long straight (this is used for drag race). After there are a chicane (turn 1) which take the drivers to a hairpin turn. The turn 6 is another chicane, together with T1 was added later. Originally the last curve was a banking turn (this is used in the short layout), in the long version there are a bypass who conducts to the second part of this turn.

There are a second course called "El Frijol", this is for its bean's shape. This is a Dogleg oval of 1 mile of length. In this course the first turn is flat and the second is a banking turn.


Formula K[edit]

Season Date Winner
1988 June 19 Mexico César Tiberio Jiménez
1989 July 8 Mexico Carlos Guerrero

Formula 2[edit]

Season Date Winner
1990 June 22 Mexico Carlos Guerrero
1992 May 17 Mexico Carlos Guerrero
1993 May 30 Mexico Marco Magaña
1994 May 22 Mexico Gerardo Martínez
1995 May 22 Brazil José Cordova
1997 September 3 Mexico Ricardo Pérez de Lara

NASCAR Corona Series[edit]

Rafael Martínez in a NASCAR Corona Series event
Season Date Winner Track Length (km)
2004 August 1 Mexico César Tiberio Jiménez Short 144
2005 June 26 Mexico Rogelio López Long 160
2005 October 22 Mexico Rogelio López Long 154
2006 September 3 Mexico Carlos Pardo Long 147
2007 May 20 Mexico Rafael Martínez Short 120
2007 September 2 Mexico Antonio Pérez Short 225
2008 June 29 Mexico Antonio Pérez Short 119
2009 September 20 Mexico Germán Quiroga Short 178
2010 August 22 Mexico Rubén Rovelo Long 202
2011 March 20 Mexico Patrick Goeters Long 198
2011 August 7 Short


An American racer Ron Sheldon died in the 1971 Mexico 1000.[2]

In 1993, running in Formula 2, Marco Magaña was hitting by a rock in the head. He died instantaneously.[3] Together a spectator died in the same accident.

In the inaugural season of Desafío Corona, now NASCAR Corona Series, Marcelo Nuñez avoiding hit the wall in the curve 1 make a cloud of dust blocking the view of incoming drivers. Then, Rafael Vallina hit the Nuñez's car in the right side. Nuñez had several injuries including perforation of lung. 8 days after he died in the Muguerza hospital.[4]


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Coordinates: 25°51′22″N 100°13′02″W / 25.85611°N 100.21722°W / 25.85611; -100.21722