Authentic Falange

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Authentic Falange
Falange Auténtica
President Enrique Antigüedad
Founded April 30, 2002; 13 years ago (2002-04-30)
Split from Falange Española y de las JONS
Headquarters C/ Arenal nº 9 (Palacio Gaviria), 1ª Planta, local 24 - Madrid
Ideology National syndicalism,
Civic nationalism,
Political position Far-right
International affiliation None
Politics of Spain
Political parties

Authentic Falange (Spanish: Falange Auténtica, FA) is a Falangist political party in Spain. FA emerged in 2002 as a split from Falange Española/La Falange. FA claims to represent the heritage of the dissolved Falange Española y de las JONS (Auténtica) (FE-JONS).

The term 'Authentic' refers to the positioning of FA as 'authentic' as opposed to the official Falange under the rule of Francisco Franco. The second National Chief of the Spanish Falange, Manuel Hedilla (1902–1970), had opposed the forced merger of FE-JONS with the traditionalists. Hedilla who had refused to join the council of the new party and had tried to mobilize his supporters was arrested on 25 April 1937, accused of conspiring against Franco, and condemned to death. However, his sentence was commuted to life in prison on the advice of Ramón Serrano Suñer, Franco's brother-in-law.[1]

FA contested the 2003 municipal election in various parts of the country. It won two seats in El Hoyo de Pinares, Ávila, and one in Ardales, Málaga.

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International politics[edit]

In Argentina maintains close ties with Movimiento Peronista Auténtico, a left-wing Peronism. Also since 2010, maintains relations with the Synarchist Movement of Mexico, one of those born currents of historical National Synarchist Union.

Although its foreign policy focuses on Latin America, many times has shown its sympathy for Kataeb Party in Lebanon.

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