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Author-it is a help authoring tool and content management system for creating, maintaining, and distributing single-sourced content. Founded in 1996, Author-it Software Corporation is headquartered in Auckland, with offices in California, Dubai, and Sydney.

Screen capture of AuthorIT 4.5 on Windows XP
AuthorIT 4.5 viewing an object on Windows XP.

Author-it can produce documentation in the following formats:

Author-it stores all information as objects in a central database, called a library. Object types include books, topics, file objects, hyperlinks, styles, glossaries, tables of contents, indexes, and publishing profiles. The library supports multiple users.

The Author-it Base User module includes importing, authoring, and publishing capability. Further modules that can be licensed include:

  • Offline Authoring
  • Project Manager
  • Localisation Manager
  • MIF Import Filter
  • Web based Editor
  • Integration Server
  • Xtend Authoring Memory

Third party licenses that may be required are:

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