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Author-it is a help authoring tool and content management system for creating, maintaining, and distributing single-sourced content. Founded in 1996, Author-it Software Corporation is headquartered in Auckland, with offices in California, Washington State, the Netherlands, and New Zealand.

Screen capture of AuthorIT 4.5 on Windows XP
AuthorIT 4.5 viewing an object on Windows XP.

Author-it can produce documentation in the following formats:

Author-it stores all information as objects in a central database, called a library. Object types include books, topics, file objects, hyperlinks, styles, glossaries, tables of contents, indexes, and publishing profiles. The library supports multiple users.

The Author-it Base User module includes importing, authoring, and publishing capability. Further modules that can be licensed include:

  • Offline Authoring
  • Project Manager
  • Localisation Manager
  • MIF Import Filter
  • Web based Editor
  • Integration Server
  • Xtend Authoring Memory

Third party licenses that may be required are:

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