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Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota United States
Area served North America
Founder(s) Ben Anderson
Key people President, Ben Anderson
Parent Cinemotion, LLC
Available in English

AutoMotion is a Mobile Application Management (MAM) company built specifically for automotive product manufacturers.


Cinemotion was founded in 2001 by Ben Anderson who now serves as President.[1]

In 2006 the company launched AutoMotionTV,[2] an automotive video solution for auto dealers. The service included an embeddable player, delivery platform, and vehicle video content.

During the year the company won several state and regional awards for student entrepreneurship including the Minnesota Collegiate Entrepreneur Award, and Anderson was named the Great Lakes Regional Collegiate Entrepreneur.[3] The Minnesota Cup, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota named AutoMotionTV as a semi-finalist.[4] Anderson was also named as a global finalist[5] in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards.

In March 2008, AutoMotionTV was featured in Automotive News as one of their "10 cool technologies".[6] 2008 also brought a partnership with JATO Dynamics, an England-based data provider.[7]

In October the company opened up a new downtown Minneapolis office.

Dominion Enterprises partnered with AutomotionTV in October 2009 to provide video technology and content to its family of companies.[8]

In 2010, the company launched AutoMotion, a new mobile app platform for manufacturers and dealers.[9]

The company's president, Ben Anderson, was awarded the 2011 Minnesota Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Small Business Administration.[10]

In October 2011 Ben Anderson spoke on mobile during the J.D. Power and Associates Internet Round Table.[11] General Motors Company selected Anderson to speak on mobile during the 2012 eSummit Tour. [12]

In a partnership with Microsoft the company launched a Windows 8 version of the mobile app platform in 2013.[13]

In 2013 General Motors selected the AutoMotion product as the only mobile app provider approved for IMR certification.[14]

Group 1 Automotive was the first mega automotive retailer to release mobile apps for each of its dealerships. The group used the AutoMotion platform to rollout apps to all US stores in 2014. [15]

Products and services[edit]

The AutoMotion platform creates and manages mobile app(s) for manufacturers and dealers in the automotive industry.[16]

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