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Web address
Slogan Everyone's ideal car is out there. Find yours.
Type of site
Web Application
Owner Tempest Systems Inc.
Created by Nathan Stretch
Launched 2007
Alexa rank
positive decrease 123,726 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Active

AutoTempest is an aggregator of online classified advertisements specifically for cars, that searches craigslist, eBay Motors,,, Auto Trader (Canada), and others.[2]

Created in 2007, AutoTempest started out as Hank's Helper, an off shoot of SearchTempest (Craig's Helper at the time) as a way of providing a specialized experience for all the used car shoppers visiting SearchTempest.[3] Eventually the name was changed to AutoTempest and received a major redesign in 2011 that has led to a steady increase in popularity.

AutoTempest has been featured on a number of well known sites, being touted as the best way to find used cars online. Car blogging giant Jalopnik named AutoTempest the best way to find used cars online,[4] and AutoTempest has also been featured on popular sites like WiseBread,[5] The Hooniverse[6] and's guide to used cars.[7]