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Automated Build Studio
Abs img.jpg
Automated Build Studio screenshot
Developer(s) SmartBear Software
Initial release 2004 (2004) by AutomatedQA
Stable release 6.50
Development status Inactive (discontinued)
Available in English
License Proprietary

Automated Build Studio developed by SmartBear Software[1] was a build and release management system that provided automation of the software development build, test and release processes.

Automated Build Studio's official end of life was April 14, 2014 and is no longer offered in any form. Support for current Automated Build Studio customers will continue until December 2016.

Main Features[edit]

Visual Macro Designer helps to create visually constructed macros.

840 built-in operations - a variety of automated builds that run unattended.

Distributed build support lets users distribute the execution of macro operations among multiple computers.

Remote Macro Execution Control – running macros located on remote computers and monitoring such macro runs.

Concurrent execution of operations – organizing macro operations so they can be executed simultaneously.

Charts displaying macro run statistics - displaying the information in a graphical form within the Charts panel. This feature helps to analyze the ratio of successful and failed runs, the duration of macro runs and the frequency of macro runs over a desired period of time.

Tasks Scheduler is a key feature for creation of automated daily builds. It helps to create scheduled macro runs.

Macro debugger is similar to debugging an application in a development tool. Debugging features allow checking whether the macro functions correctly or quickly locating errors in the macro and fixing them.

Automatic notifications - getting notification of whether a macro run was successful or not. Notification can be sent in different forms: via E-mail, Windows Messenger, MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger, or ICQ.

Assistant - a context-sensitive Assistant that displays commands, hints and links to help topics.

Run via command-line – execution of macros without loading them into the Build Studio IDE - by specifying the desired macro name in Build Studio's command line.

Supported Tools[edit]

Automated Build Studio integrates with a variety of compilers, version control systems, installation builders and many other tools.[2]

Supported build tools[edit]

Supported testing, profiling and issue-tracking tools[edit]

  • AQdevTeam ver. 1.x
  • AQtime .NET Edition ver. 1.x by SmartBear
  • AQtime ver. 7 by SmartBear
  • AQtime ver. 3—6 by SmartBear
  • Borland CaliberRM ver. 5.0 or later
  • Borland StarTeam
  • Bugzilla
  • JUnit
  • Microsoft Application Center Test (ACT)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team System
  • MSTest
  • NUnit (James W. Newkirk and others)
  • Team Coherence by Quality Software Components
  • TestComplete ver. 2—8 by SmartBear
  • TestExecute ver. 2—8 by SmartBear


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