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Automated restaurant or robotic restaurant is a restaurant that uses robots to do tasks such as delivering food and drinks to the tables and/or to cook the food. Such robots are hired to replace human labour (such as waiters and chefs).

Existing automated restaurants[edit]

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant[edit]

Fritz's Railroad Restaurant is a restaurant located in Kansas City, Missouri. Orders at the restaurant are called in from the booths on a telephone and delivered via an overhead rail system called "Skat Cat". A mechanical arm stops the orders at the platform above the tables, which then lowers to deliver the food. Actual humans bring the drinks.[1]

Výtopna (Railway Restaurant)[edit]

Výtopna is restaurant with model train service, where trainsets brings beverages to every customer table. Výtopna is a franchise of five restaurants and coffeehouses in larger cities of Czech Republic. One restaurant is in Prague and Orlová, another two are in Brno and one coffeehouse in Ostrava. Trademark is owned by Petr Fridrich.[2]

's Baggers Restaurant[edit]

's Baggers Restaurant is a restaurant located in Nuremberg, Germany. The restaurant features a metallic tracks that sends food and drinks directly to the tables. Customers order on touch screens, swipe their cards on built in readers, and wait for their food with a read-out that shows when the food is expected to be delivered.[3]

FuA-Men Restaurant[edit]

FuA-Men (Fully Automated raMen) Restaurant is a ramen restaurant located in Nagoya, Japan. The restaurant features a fully autonomous robotic chef and assistant chef. The robots perform all of the cooking tasks needed to make 80 bowls per day, serve the customers who come to the small restaurant and entertain in a stand-up comedy play during the customers’ dining experience. They also spin dishes and perform mock duels. The restaurant sells a regular noodle bowl with a pork broth-based soup which is made in about a minute and forty seconds. Although it has yet to make a profit, diners note that they cannot tell the difference in taste.[4]

Hajime Robot Restaurant[edit]

Hajime Robot Restauran is a Japanese restaurant located in Bangkok, Thailand. The restaurant features a samurai-shaped robots as a waiters that slide all the way to the customers table, bring the order, clean tables, and even do a dance routine to entertain guests. According to the owner of restaurant, the samurai robot waiters cost $930,000, but with the popularity this place is enjoying, he is sure to get his money back very soon.[5]

Dalu Robot Restaurant[edit]

Dalu Robot Restaurant is a restaurant located in Jinan, China. The restaurant features six custom built robot servers and two more feminine robots that greet customers as they enter. While people cook the food, the service bots deliver the meals by “riding” bicycles along a well marked track. The restaurant can currently serve about 100 customers at a time at 21 different tables. Shandong Dalu Science and Technology Company, which created the restaurant, has plans to expand to 40 machines.[6]

Haohai Robot Restaurant[edit]

Haohai Robot Restaurant is a restaurant located in Harbin, China. This restaurant has 18 robot waiters and cooks that have been designed and made by Haohai Robot Company Co., Ltd. Each robot costs around 200,000 yuan (about 32,000 US dollars) and their robotic serving powers are usually limited to one task. They can work for five hours continuously on a two-hour battery charge.[7]

Robot Kitchen Restaurant[edit]

Robot Kitchen is a restaurant located in Hong Kong, China. This restaurant features three robots, including a large robot that is equipped to take customer orders, transmit them to the kitchen, and deliver the meals to the customer's table. The restaurant also features Robonova-1, a robot that dances on the table tops and keeps the customers entertained.[8][9]

Other restaurants[edit]

Other robotic restaurants are located in Thailand and Japan.[10][11][12]

Shawarma slicing robot[edit]

Alkadur RobotSystems have designed "Doner-Robot", a shawarma slicing robot that is guided by an overhead camera. The robot is already installed in restaurants around the world.

Tek Temal, an electrical engineer from Sydney, have designed "Hyper Slicer, a shawarma slicing robot that uses pressure sensing to get the perfect number of slices from the circumference of the meat.[13]

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