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Automated retailing involves the use of various tools to reduce the labor costs in retailing.

Warehouse automation[edit]

Schaefer case picking[edit]

Ssi Schaefer's Schaefer Case Picking is a fully automated picking solution for retail. The system use a vision system and software which allows it to log, palatalize and pick up the products in accordance to the store layout. It reduces the time and costs for delivery, energy, freight and breakage.[1]

Order picking machinery[edit]

Witron's Order Picking Machinery is an automated storage and picking system that can automatically stack around 95% of the products onto pallets or roll containers. The system uses a loading device called COM (Case Order Machine) to pick cases onto load carriers. Advantages of the system include high cost-efficiency, ergonomics and optimization during transport.[2]

Replenishment system[edit]

Witron's Shelf Replenishment System uses a conveyor system to push the goods directly into the shelf.[3]

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