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The Autonetics RECOMP II was an early transistorized computer attached to a desk that housed the input/output devices. It was introduced by the Autonetics division of North American Aviation in 1958. Its desk integration made it a hands-on small system intended for the scientific and engineering computing market.


It had a 40-bit word size, 20 bit instruction size. Memory and registers were on a fixed head disk that operated like a drum memory -- 4080 words on standard tracks, 16 words on fast loop tracks, registers A, B, R, X each on their own high speed loop track, and one prerecorded read only clock track.[1]

It had a complete set of built-in floating point operations, including square root. Floating point values used two words, one for the exponent and one for the fraction for a total of 80 bits.

The machine had a bit-serial architecture.

Punched paper tape was the external storage medium. The desk also had an electronic typewriter for printed output and a keyboard integrated with the system console to allow typed input and system control. Programs written in machine code could be input to the system from the console.

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