Autopista 30 de Mayo

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Autopista 30 de Mayo
Avenida 30 de Mayo
Major junctions
South Central end: Santo Domingo, DR
South West end: San Cristobal
Major cities: Santo Domingo, San Cristobal
Highway system
Highways and routes in the Dominican Republic

Autopista 30 de Mayo (English for highway 30th of May) is a highway in the Dominican Republic. The highway serves as a junction of the capital Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and its adjacent city (part of the metropolitan area), San Cristóbal. It is a small highway, usually with heavy traffic, and passes through the Haina Port, the biggest port in the Dominican Republic. The eastern terminus is at the George Washington Avenue in the city coast and the western terminus lies at the city center of San Cristobal and then unites to the new section of DR-2 in the western part of San Cristobal.


The highway is an old decommissioned part of national highway DR-2.

The highway is named 30 de Mayo in honor of the assassination of Dominican dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina on May 30th, 1961 at that highway.

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