Autumn (2009 film)

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Autumn film.jpg
Directed by Steven Rumbelow
Produced by Anton Brejak
John Dunlop
Steven Rumbelow
Matthew Stone
Michael Sonnenfield
Written by Steven Rumbelow
David Moody
Based on Autumn 
by David Moody
Starring Dexter Fletcher
Dickon Tolson
David Carradine
Anton Brejak
Lana Kamenov
Jody Willis
Music by 615
Craig McDonnel
Cinematography Stephen Crone
Edited by Steven Rumbelow
Anthony Valenti
Renegade Motion Pictures
Release date(s)
  • May 30, 2009 (2009-05-30)
Running time 110 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Autumn is a 2009 Canadian horror film directed by Steven Rumbelow, written by David Moody and Rumbelow, and starring Dexter Fletcher. It was based on Moody's self-published novel Autumn. Fletcher plays a schoolteacher who must survive in a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by evolving zombies.


After a viral outbreak kills 99% of the world's population, scattered survivors come together and attempt to deal with the fall of civilization. They face a new threat when the dead begin to reanimate. Initially catatonic, the corpses slowly regain their senses, become increasingly sensitive to outside stimuli, and show signs of aggression. Eventually, the survivors must fortify themselves against attack and try to find a reason to survive.



Author David Moody had offers on two of his novels, Autumn and Hater, at the same time. Although Hater had Guillermo Del Toro attached, Moody reasoned that Autumn, as a small independent film, had a greater chance of being made. Moody made both deals and participated in the making of Autumn.[1]


Autumn played at the 2009 Grimm Up North Festival in the UK.[2]


Reviewing the film while it was still in post-production, wrote that the atmosphere and settings of the film are superior to other post-apocalyptic films.[3] Sabrina Bangeldesh of wrote that the film is too boring to be "so bad it's good".[4] Mark L. Miller of AICN called it "a thinking man's zombie flick with some fun performances and decent effects."[5] Peter Dendle called the film "a patient meditation" with a "mournful, serious tone" and "rich aesthetic to many of the scenes."[6]

David Moody, the author of the source novel, said, "Ultimately, although it has some redeeming qualities, and the main cast did a great job, I think it was a disappointment to a lot of people. The filmmakers were really stretched by having to work within a microscopic budget, and there are places where that really shows."[1] The negative reception of Autumn led Dexter Fletcher to direct his own films, which were better received.[7]


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