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Autumn Poison playing at a CND benefit, 1983

Autumn Poison were an English anarcho-punk band from Southend on Sea, Essex, that existed between 1980 and 1985.[1] Originally called Enola Death, a number of musicians in the Southend area passed through the group, including Julian Ware Lane and Chris Kemp of 86 Mix, Kevin Hickling, Steve Palmer, James Perry and Wayne Avrilli, though the 'core members' were Graham Burnett (previously of Stripey Zebras), Sheena Fulton and Paul Brown.[2] The band played a number of gigs in the Southend area, often in conjunction with the like-minded Kronstadt Uprising, many of which were benefits for organisations such as Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and local animal rights groups. The name of the band was derived from the Japanese term for the radiation sickness that followed the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, following correspondence between Burnett and Toxic Graffity (sic) fanzine editor Mike Diboll.[3]

Autumn Poison were part of the cassette culture movement, releasing two cassette albums for New Crimes fanzine, although did not release any vinyl until 1994, when Brown and Burnett reformed the group to record a track for the Bullshit Detector Volume 4 compilation put together by Resistance Productions, a small record label based in Switzerland.[4]

Brown and Burnett also occasionally collaborated under the name of Love Over Law after Autumn Poison disbanded.[5]


Autumn Poison releases[edit]

  • Songs of Anger, Songs of Hope (cassette album, New Crimes Tapes, 1982)
  • Kitchen Sink Politics (cassette album, New Crimes Tapes, 1984)
  • "Utopia, A New World In Our Hearts", track on Bullshit Detector Volume 4, (Resistance Productions, 1994 (includes a sample of Crass drummer Penny Rimbaud))
  • Dieu Et Mon Droit (cassette album, Big Skirt Music, BIG 3, 1983)

Love Over Law releases[edit]

  • This World We Must Leave (cassette album and booklet, 1988)
  • We Were Interested In Ideas, Not Rock and Roll (cassette album, Vegan Policeman tapes, 1994, compilation of live tracks by Autumn Poison and miscellaneous Love Over Law recordings that had appeared elsewhere) Re-released and distributed by Front Cover Records.
  • "A Message to All Rulers, Leaders and Other Mass Murderers", track on Screams from the Silence volume 3, (Loony Tunes Records, 1993)


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