Avalanche Sharks

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Avalanche Sharks
Avalanche Sharks theatrical release poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster for Avalanche Sharks
Directed by Scott Wheeler
Produced by
  • Devi Singh
  • Stan Spry
  • Eric Scott Woods
Written by Keith Shaw
Cinematography Ioana Vasile
Edited by Christian McIntire
  • Odyssey Media
  • Pulser Productions
  • Rogue State
  • The Cartel
Distributed by Titan Global Entertainment
Release date(s)
  • July 1, 2013 (2013-07-01) (USA)
Running time 82 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Avalanche Sharks is a 2013 Canadian horror film directed By Scott Wheeler and written By Keith Shaw.[1] It stars Kate Nauta, Emily Addison, Alexander Mendeluk, Mika Brooks and Jack Cullison.[2][3]


Following upon the success of Sharknado, Syfy announced a sequel and the internet was flooded with suggestions toward similar killer-shark topics.[4][5] In October 2013, they announced a film with a working title of Sharkalanche as a sequel to Sand Sharks.[6][7][8] The film was to star Brooke Hogan, but when Hogan had a scheduling conflict, Kate Nauta was brought aboard for the role of Diana.[9][10]


After a snowboarder inadvertently starts a major avalanche, the moving snowfield uncovers and wakes a prehistoric "snow shark" which had been trapped beneath. The shark develops an appetite for human flesh and the staff at the Twin Pines Ski Resort begins getting reports of missing people and strange finned creatures moving under the snow. Fearing financial loss on what is their busiest event day of the year, the Bikini Snow Day, the Twin Pines management tries to hide news of the missing skiers and sightings of strange creatures. Disaster strikes as the bikini-clad snow bunnies one-by-one become meals for the shark. The avalanche has cut off the roads trapping all within the Twin Pines Valley. The local sheriff allies with snowboarders to track down the monster.[11]


  • Alexander Mendeluk as Wade
  • Kate Nauta as Diana
  • Gina Holden as Nurse
  • Emily Addison as Jenna
  • Charles Evans, Jr. as Operator (voice)
  • Abby Francis as Skier
  • Richard Gleason as Sheriff
  • Benjamin Easterday as Lars
  • Eric Scott Woods as Dale
  • Kelle Cantwell as Madison
  • Jack Cullison as Ted
  • James Ouimet as Duffy
  • Nicole Helen as Carol
  • Michael Dostrow as Mayor
  • Mike Ruggieri as Randy
  • Erin Ross as Lacy
  • Patrizia Cavaliere as Karla
  • Mika Brooks as Lola
  • Amy Ninh as Hiro
  • Jack Cullison as Ted
  • Ericka Jordan as Barb
  • Eric Scott Woods as Dale
  • John Hundrieser as Ross Hamilton
  • Haley Stewart as Beca
  • Richie Million Jr. as Mike

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