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Flag of Newfoundland and Labrador.svg Newfoundland and Labrador electoral district
Avalon, riding.png
Avalon in relation to other Newfoundland and Labrador ridings
Federal electoral district
Legislature House of Commons
Scott Andrews
District created 2003
First contested 2004
Last contested 2011
District webpage profile, map
Population (2011)[1] 78,908
Electors (2011) 63,882
Area (km²)[2] 8,312.07
Pop. density (per km²) 9.5
Census divisions Division No. 1
Census subdivisions Conception Bay South, Bay Roberts, Carbonear, Placentia, Harbour Grace, Spaniard's Bay, Holyrood

Avalon is a federal electoral district in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, that has been represented in the Canadian House of Commons since 2004.


Ethnic groups:

99.1% White¹
0.5% First Peoples

Immigrant population: 0.85%

97.6% English
2.4% Bilingual (English/French)


56.0% Protestant
42.7% Catholic
1.0% No affiliation (lowest in Canada [1])

Post-secondary Education: 35.3%
Average individual income: $20 299
Average household income: $42 460
Unemployment: 25.9%

¹ Statistics Canada's category of "Non-visible minority" includes First Peoples (First Nations, Métis and Inuit), and has been reduced accordingly.
² Based on ability to speak.


The neighbouring ridings are Random—Burin—St. George's to the west and north, and St. John's South—Mount Pearl and St. John's East to the east.

According to Elections Canada, the geographical boundaries for this riding for the 39th General Election (2006) are:

"All that area consisting of that part of the Avalon Peninsula on the Island of Newfoundland described as follows: commencing at a point in Placentia Bay approximately 20 km west of Cape St. Mary's; thence generally northerly along Placentia Bay and the Eastern Channel of Placentia Bay to the intersection of the shoreline of Placentia Bay with the westerly limit of the Town of Come By Chance; thence northerly and easterly along the westerly and northerly limits of said town to the Trans-Canada Highway (Route No. 1); thence northerly along said highway to the northerly limit of the Town of Sunnyside; thence easterly along said limit and its production into Trinity Bay; thence northerly along said bay to a point midway between East Random Head on Random Island and Hant's Head on the eastern shoreline of Trinity Bay; thence northeasterly along said bay to a point approximately 5 km north of Grates Point on the Bay de Verde Peninsula; thence easterly approximately 20 km to a point N45°E of Baccalieu Island; thence generally southerly along Conception Bay to a point midway between Western Bay Head on the western shoreline of Conception Bay and Cape St. Francis; thence southerly along Conception Bay to a point approximately 2 km west of the most westerly extremity of Bell Island; thence southerly along Conception Bay to a point approximately 2 km S45°W of the most southwesterly extremity of Kellys Island; thence easterly along Conception Bay to the mouth of Long Pond Harbour; thence southerly along said harbour and Conway Brook to the limit of the City of St. John's; thence generally southwesterly and easterly along the northwesterly and southerly limits of said city and its production to the Atlantic Ocean; thence generally southerly and generally westerly along the Atlantic Ocean, Trepassey Bay, St. Mary's Bay and Placentia Bay to the point of commencement. Including Baccalieu Island, Great Colinet Island and all other islands adjacent to the shoreline of the above described area."

See the map of the Avalon electoral district (PDF).

Political geography[edit]

Avalon is divided between the Liberal north and the Conservative south. Conservative support is found along the southern coast from the community of Bay Bulls to Southern Harbour. The Conservatives also have some concentration in the north central peninsula, including winning the town of Harbour Grace. The Liberals dominate the central and northern parts of the riding. In 2008, the NDP won two polls, one was a mobile poll, and the other contained the community of Hopeall. The Greens also won a poll in Witless Bay. [2]


The electoral district was created in 2003 from 57.6% of Bonavista—Trinity—Conception, 21.9% of St. John's West and 20.5% of St. John's East ridings.

Member of Parliament[edit]

This riding has elected the following Members of Parliament:

Parliament Years Member Party
Bonavista—Trinity—Conception, St. John's East and St. John's West prior to 2003
38th 2004–2006     John Efford Liberal
39th 2006–2008     Fabian Manning Conservative
40th 2008–2011     Scott Andrews Liberal
41st 2011–present

Election results[edit]

In the 2011 election, the Liberal candidate was the incumbent MP, Scott Andrews, a former municipal councillor from Conception Bay South. He defeated the Tory candidate, Senator Fabian Manning of St. Bride's, for the second election in a row. Manning was the Conservative MP for this riding from 2006 to 2008, when he lost to Andrews.

Canadian federal election, 2011
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal Scott Andrews 16,008 43.97 -1.31
Conservative Fabian Manning 14,749 40.51 +5.35
New Democratic Matthew Martin Fuchs 5,157 14.16 -3.22
Independent Randy Wayne Dawe 276 0.76
Green Matt Crowder 218 0.60 -1.57
Total valid votes/Expense limit 36,408 100.00
Total rejected ballots 166 0.45 -0.34
Turnout 36,574 57.42 -5.62
Canadian federal election, 2008
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal Scott Andrews 14,866 45.28 +6.70 $71,493
Conservative Fabian Manning 11,542 35.16 -16.39 $76,115
New Democratic Randy Wayne Dawe 5,707 17.38 +8.31 $25,153
Green Dave Aylward 714 2.17 +1.37 $766
Total valid votes/Expense limit 32,829 100.00 $82,453
Total rejected ballots 262 0.79 -0.86
Turnout 33,091 51.80 -7.40
Eligible voters 63,882
Canadian federal election, 2006
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Conservative Fabian Manning 19,132 51.55 +22.24 $72,044
Liberal Bill Morrow 14,318 38.58 -19.76 $46,082
New Democratic Eugene Conway 3,365 9.07 -1.91 $1,100
Green Shannon Hillier 297 0.80 -0.57
Total valid votes/Expense limit 37,112 100.00 $76,596
Total rejected ballots 623 1.65 +0.59
Turnout 37,735 59.20 +9.40
Canadian federal election, 2004
Party Candidate Votes % ∆% Expenditures
Liberal R. John Efford 18,335 58.34 $74,192
Conservative Rick Dalton 9,211 29.31 $51,085
New Democratic Michael Kehoe 3,450 10.98 $2,472
Green Don C. Ferguson 430 1.37 $746
Total valid votes/Expense limit 31,246 100.00 $74,947
Total rejected ballots 336 1.06
Turnout 31,762 49.80


The 2012 federal electoral boundaries redistribution concluded that the electoral boundaries of Avalon should be adjusted, and a modified electoral district of the same name will be contested in future elections.[3] The redefined Avalon will have its boundaries legally defined in the 2013 representation order which is likely to come into effect upon the call of the 42nd Canadian federal election, scheduled for October 2015. In the unlikely event an election is called prior to April 2014, the current electoral boundaries would remain in effect.[4]

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