Avantasia (song)

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Single by Avantasia
Released 2000 (demo) May 8, 2001 (single)
Genre Symphonic metal
Power metal
Heavy metal
Avantasia singles chronology
The Metal Opera

Avantasia is the debut single by heavy metal project Avantasia. It's a re-recorded version of Avantasia's original demo EP.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Avantasia" - 05:30
  2. "Reach Out for the Light" - 06:34
  3. "Final Sacrifice" - 05:03
  4. "Avantasia" (Edit Version) - 04:10


Demo track listing[edit]

  1. "Avantasia (demo)"
  2. "Reach Out for the Light (demo)"
  3. "Final Sacrifice (demo)"

Note: A couple more songs were recorded for the demo, "Breaking Away" and "Inside", but they didn't make it to the demo.



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