Avar–Andi–Dido peoples

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The Avar–Andi–Dido peoples consists of 13 small ethnic groups[which?] plus the much larger Caucasian Avar peoples. Since the 1930s there have been attempts to classify them all as Avars,[citation needed] but the 2002 Russian Census presents a broad variety of designations of these people.

Ethnic subgroups[edit]

Avar is a collective term, Avar–Andi–Dido peoples, that is often used to describe probably more than fifteen distinct ethnic groups living in the foothills of the mountain slopes Russia's Dagestan Republic. They are often classified into the following subgroups:[1]

Avar–Andi–Dido peoples
Avar Andis Dido (Tsez)
Anchikh Bagulal Bezhta
Archin Chamalal Hinukhs
Ratsitl Godoberi Khvarshi
Rachabalda Karata
Tokita Tindi

Other Avar peoples