Avar–Andi–Dido peoples

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The Avar–Andi–Dido peoples consists of 13 small ethnic groups[which?] plus the much larger Caucasian Avar peoples. Since the 1930s there have been attempts to classify them all as Avars,[citation needed] but the 2002 Russian Census presents a broad variety of designations of these people.

Ethnic subgroups[edit]

Avar is a collective term for the Avar–Andi–Dido peoples and generalizes to various ethnic groups native to the foothills of Russia's Dagestan Republic; Avars can be classified into the following subgroups:[1]

Avar–Andi–Dido peoples
Avar Andis Dido (Tsez)
Anchikh Bagulal Bezhta
Archin Chamalal Hinukhs
Ratsitl Godoberi Khvarshi
Rachabalda Karata
Tokita Tindi

Other Avar peoples