Avatar High

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Avatar High
Developer(s) Thup
Publisher(s) Viacom
Platform(s) Cross-platform
Genre(s) Simulation
Mode(s) Single Player
Distribution Visual

Avatar High is a single player game where players can control a virtual high school, including scheduling tests, basketball games, art shows, proms, parties and more to unlock the graduation event.


Players earn points which they can spend all around the game buying events, outfits and items. Points can be earned by making the students study, paint, or play basketball. Also, if a player pays to buy an event, he/she may earn even more points back if that event is a success. Points can also be lost if a student is unhappy, or if the player holds an event which is a failure.

Virtual students[edit]

Players can name and control the virtual students. By selecting a student, players can see student information, such as items, happiness level, appearance (hair and hair colour, skin colour, outfit), report book, as well as specific feelings in the form of a journal. Players can customize their character.

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