Avengi Ja Nahin

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Avengi Ja Nahin is the second album by Rabbi Shergill. The album was produced in Italy by Mauro Pagani.

Though regular Rabbi fans took a quick liking to this new album, with its varied themes and soulful songs, it did not receive the kind of broad based patronage the previous one enjoyed. (Even in the previous album, the only song which truly broke through in popular consciousness was "Bulla ki jana") However, to the small amount of Rabbi followers, the second album definitely represented the experience one may expect from a talented artist's second offering - a growth, a maturing, an expansion and a bit more variety.

Track listing[edit]

Karachi Valie
Maen Bolia
Avengi Ja Nahin
Tu Avin Bandra
Paghri Sambhal Jatta
Bilquis (Jinhein Naaz Hai)
Return To Unity

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