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Directed by Alberto Gout
Produced by Guillermo Calderón
Pedro Calderón
Written by Alvaro Custodio
Carlos Sampelayo
Starring Ninón Sevilla
Andrea Palma
Tito Junco
Ruben Rojo
Music by Antonio Díaz Conde
Cinematography Alex Phillips
Edited by Alfredo Rosas Priego
Distributed by Cinematográfica Calderón
Release date(s)
  • October 18, 1950 (1950-10-18)
Running time 101 minutes
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Aventurera ("Adventuress") is a 1950 Mexican drama film directed by Alberto Gout and starring Ninón Sevilla. It's considered a masterpiece of the Rumberas film.


The story of Aventurera, with its twists and turns, is typical of the 1950s films from Mexico. It is the story of a young and naive woman who learns about her mother's disloyalty to a father she adores. Along the way, Elena Tejero deal with the evils around her. She will remain a good woman no matter what.

As in all the Mexican telenovelas that are a staple of that country's TV, Aventurera keeps building up on unsavory situations where our heroine will have to fight against until everything turns well at the end. Elena Tejera is different in many ways; she never stoops low to the sleazy life where everyone wants to get her into.

Ninón Sevilla, the Cuban born star of Aventurera, makes a charismatic appearance in the film. Tito Junco as Lucio Saenz has some good moments. Andrea Palma is excellent as the villainous Rosaura and Ruben Rojo is the kind Mario.

The film inspired the 1990s and 2000s stage success produced by Carmen Salinas. The stage production was starred by notable Mexican stars like Edith González, Itatí Cantoral, Maribel Guardia and many others.


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