Avenue Road tram stop

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Avenue Road Handicapped/disabled access
Avenue Road tramstop look east.JPG
Place Beckenham
Local authority London Borough of Bromley
Managed by Tramlink
Platforms in use 2
Date opened 2000
Transport for London
Zone 3, 4, 5, 6
Total boardings and alightings
2009-2010 0.105 million[1]
2010-2011 0.105 million[2]
Transport for London

Avenue Road tram stop is a light rail stop in the London Borough of Bromley in the southern suburbs of London. It is located on Avenue Road in a mainly residential area between Penge and Beckenham.

The tram stop is served by Tramlink route 2, which connects central Croydon with Beckenham.

The tram stop is situated on a short passing loop within an otherwise single track section of Tramlink, where that system runs alongside the National Rail line between Crystal Palace and Beckenham Junction stations. The tram stop has platforms on each side of the two tracks of the loop. The National Rail line passes behind the northernmost of these platforms, but there is no platform on that line.

Preceding tram stop   Tramlink no-text roundel.svg Tramlink   Following tram stop
Route 2


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