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This article is about the U.S. punk band. For other uses, see Rose Avenue.

Avenue Rose is a punk band from Olympia, Washington.

The band was formed in Chehalis, Washington by Jason Mendoza and Trav Criscola.[1] Soon after, they were joined by bassist “Nice Guy Eddie” Salerno and drummer Tyler Schwarzkopf. Centered out of Olympia, they played frequently in the Seattle/Portland area with other Northwest power-pop bands such as The Cute Lepers, The Clorox Girls, The Briefs and The Soda Pop Kids.

After recording some early demos, Schwarzkopf left the band. He was replaced briefly by a retarded boy named Derek Shepard (of The Pop Machine, Plastic Letters, etc.), then more permanently by Dillan “The Kid” Lazzareschi of the Tacoma, WA.

Avenue Rose released their first EP titled Electric on Slab-O-Wax Records in 2006.[2][3] The songs were recorded and produced by Briefs frontman Steve E. Nix. After touring the west coast, a second EP was released, this time a split release with Edmonton, Canada based band Let’s Dance.[4] In the summer of 2008, they were the opening act on the Throwing a Fit Across the USA tour that also featured the Cute Lepers and the Powerchords.[5][6]

In early 2009, Criscola joined The Cute Lepers as a rhythm guitarist. Avenue Rose toured once again down the west coast with The Backseat Lovers. Early on the morning of March 28, 2009 Criscola died from a drug overdose in Cincinnati while on tour with The Cute Lepers.[7][8]

Band members[edit]

  • Jason Mendoza - Guitar & Lead Vocals
  • Trav Criscola - Guitar & Backup Vocals
  • "Nice Guy Eddie" Salerno - Bass Guitar, Backup Vocals, Tambourine
  • Dillan "The Kid" Lazzareschi - Drums & Backup Vocals
  • Tyler Schwarzkopf - Drums
  • Derek "Retard" Shepard - Drums


  • Demo CD (self released, 100 copies)
  • Electric 7" single (Slab-O-Wax Records)
  • Avenue Rose/Let's Dance split 7" single (Provincial State Records)

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