Average Fury

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Average Fury
Video by Dir En Grey
Released June 29, 2005
Genre Rock/metal
Label Firewall Div.
Producer Dir En Grey
Dir En Grey chronology
The Code of Vulgar[ism]
Average Fury
Average Psycho

Average Fury (stylized AVERAGE FURY) is a music video compilation released by Dir En Grey on June 29, 2005, their first not to be released on VHS. It contains behind-the-scenes footage for each clip and comprises songs from Six Ugly, Vulgar and Withering to Death.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Child Prey"
  2. "Mr.Newsman"
  3. "Drain Away"
  4. "Kasumi"
  5. "Obscure"
  6. "The Final"
  7. "Machiavellism"
  8. "Saku"
  9. "Kodou"


  • The "Obscure" video featured here comprises footage from the Blitz 5 Days DVD with the album version of the song serving as audio.
  • The clips for "Saku" and "Kodou" are censored on this release. Uncensored versions were later included on the Average Psycho DVD. The videos are connected by a storyline about a homicidal teenager.