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Averil Leimon
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Occupation Author,
executive coach,
Language English
Nationality Scottish
Citizenship United Kingdom

Averil Leimon pioneered the application of psychological findings to the embryonic field of coaching. She is an author,[1] executive coach,[2] leadership psychologist[3] and was one of the first UK-based psychologists qualified in the academic field of positive psychology.[4] Leimon is the joint editor of The Essential Coaching Series from academic publisher Routledge and is co-author of Essential Business Coaching[5] and Coaching Women to Lead.[6] She is also the co-author of Positive Psychology for Dummies[7] and Performance Coaching for Dummies[8] and the author of 100 lessons on happiness in 100 words or less.[9]

Leimon is also co-founder of business consultancy White Water Group.[10]


Leimon gained a M.Phil in Clinical Psychology at the University of Glasgow and a BA (Honours) in Psychology at Strathclyde University. She is a major contributor of psychological insight to television (BBC, CNN),[11][12] radio (BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour),[13] newspapers (FT, City A.M)[14] and magazines (Women in Business, Cosmopolitan).[15]  She is also a member of and a speaker for the British Psychological Society.[16]


Leimon started her career as a clinical psychologist. After gaining her degrees, she proceeded to set up and run new psychology services for National Health Service and then designed and ran the first University of Glasgow night classes for women on interpersonal skills 1980s. She then turned her attention to transforming people- leaders and teams within business. Knowledgeable about stress, she wanted to develop good leadership to minimise the strain people felt and maximise the opportunity for developing true potential. She studied with Martin Seligman in the early days of Positive Psychology and has adapted these techniques to her executive coaching work. Her current aims are to achieve greater gender balance throughout organisations by overcoming the limitations that hold women back – personal, organisational or societal. Her recent work includes Leadership programmes for women and a project to develop fundamental life skills in disadvantaged young women, setting them up for a more successful and rewarding life.

In 2002, Leimon co-founded White Water Strategies which is now known as White Water Group.



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