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Avia was the brand name under which the commercial vehicles built by Aeronáutica Industrial S.A. (AISA) a company that was founded in Madrid in 1956, originally as an aircraft repairing organization, later started to manufacture their own new light vans and FC pickup trucks. However they were taken over in 1970 by another Spanish large manufacturer called EBRO Motor Iberica based in industrial Barcelona. From 1970 on, all vehicles were renamed and known as AVIA-Ebro employing modern engineering and new mechanicals.

Avia 4000L (year 1972)
This model, sold as 1000, 1250 and 2000, was identical to Ebro F260, F275 and F350.
Truck Avia L35. Identical to Ebro series L and M.

AISA had been primarily a maker of light aircraft, but in the late 50s switched with some success, into producing road vehicles mainly light vans, trucks and buses using Perkins Hispania diesel engines. They also launched their first four wheeled truck for operations and able to work from 1500 KG to 11000 KG gross weight category and also available was an 18-28 seater bus/coach model of which both were part of its model range in the 1950s and 1960s.

One of the most interesting applications of Avia trucks was the Klöckner Humboldt Deutz Spanish subsidiary designed Avia-Deutz firefighting engine. Based on an Avia 3500L chassis-cab, it featured an air-cooled Deutz engine built with German Magirus firefighting equipment.

In the early 70s AISA was taken over by its main competitor Motor Iberica, manufacturer of the Ebro range of commercial vehicles, and gradually Avia vehicles became little more than badge engineered Ebros all the new models were now called AVIA-EBRO. When the huge Nissan Motors of Japan took over Motor Iberica in the 1980s, the Avia brandname had disappeared. Several AVIA-EBRO 3500L Diesel models are still in daily use and can be occasionally spotted in Spain normally employed into agriculture and industrial activities which are seen both under the AVIA and AVIA-EBRO names.

The Spanish Avia should not be confused with the Czech Avia aircraft and automotive brand of the very same trade mark.

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