Aviación del Noroeste

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Aviación del Noroeste
Founded 1988
Ceased operations 1995
Headquarters Hermosillo, Mexico

Aviación del Noroeste S.A de C.V was a Mexican airline based in Hermosillo, Mexico.[1] It was shut down in 1995 and is currently defunct.


The airline was established in 1988 with two Fokker F-27 Friendships, beginning with flights to Cedros, Mexico. In 1989, routes to Mazatlan, Mexico were added. The airline also received a Boeing 727-200 from Airlines of Mexico to operate flights to Toluca, Mexico and Mexico City, but the aircraft was never used in service. In 1990, TAESA acquired the airline and supplied it with more F-27s. In 1992, the airline was bought out by Grupo Hermanos Abed ("Abed Brothers Group", abbreviated as GHA) a general aviation investment company. Abed Brothers Group is also the owner of the group Hoteles Aristos, a hotel chain based in Mexico City and directed by Alberto Abed and his brother, Asclepiodoto Abed. Alberto was hired to run Air Littoral and TAESA, allowing the airline to obtain three ATR-42´s. In the same year the airline was to begin using a flight route to Mexico City a Boeing 737-500 was leased to TAESA. In February 1994, the Abed brothers encountered legal disputes and, after many court proceedings, Asclepiodoto retired the 737 and one ATR-42 to Noroeste. Shortly thereafter, Asclepiodoto left GHA and retired to Buenos Aires, while Alberto continued directing the company. Then, on February 10, 1994, Alberto died in a car accident in Toluca. Under the ownership of TAESA, Noroeste managed to continue to operate for another year after his death. Finally in 1995, TAESA halted the airline's operation, and it has not operated since.

Historical fleet[edit]


C.P.A. José Eliseo Ramírez Heredia


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